Spotify Announced It Is Next To Copy Snapchat Stories

spotify clips

Spotify has announced a new feature called Clips, which will be coming to the platform in the near future. Basically, it’s a way for artists to share “stories” or clips to their fans on Spotify. As you might expect, Spotify is the latest to copy Snapchat’s Stories feature.

Spotify stated at their “Stream On” even yesterday that “with Spotify Clips, artists can share intimate moments with their fans. Those can be videos from the recording studio or on the tour bus or even backstage stories that are going to help bring their art to life. We’ve been testing this feature and we cannot wait to roll it out to all of you.”

It’s a little surprising that Spotify is bringing Clips (aka Snapchat Stories) to its platform, but not making it available to everyone. Instead, it’s exclusive to just artists. So that artists can put their own personal touch on their own curated playlists.


Spotify isn’t new to “stories”

Spotify tested out a “stories” feature during the holiday season, with their Spotify Unwrapped feature. Which shows your listening habits for the year. Including your most listened to artists, playlists, genres and how much you listened to during the year. It was a cool way to showcase this information, instead of it just being a long infographic.

So this is a feature that was bound to come to Spotify at some point in the future, and it’s cool to see it coming for Artists. As Spotify has been trying to make it easier for Artists to connect with their fans on their platforms. Something that a lot of other streaming music services are currently lacking on.

This comes among other announcements that Spotify made at its “Stream On” event this week. Like Spotify HiFi, which is a lossless streaming service launching later this year. As well as launching in over 80 new markets.