PS5 Expanded Storage Is Reportedly A Few Months Away

Sony PS5 3

Expanded SSD storage for the PS5 is probably one of the most requested features that Sony has already confirmed would be coming.

And although Sony has been quiet on when it will arrive, it looks like there may actually be a date gamers can look forward to. Bloomberg reports that Sony is going to push out an update to the PS5 that adds expanded storage sometime in the next few months.

Specifically, sometime this Summer. The only thing is, Sony has not confirmed this time frame and even if it’s accurate there’s no exact date. Just sometime this Summer.


Expanded storage for the PS5 is already accessible but it doesn’t work

The PS5 offers many great features. But one area where it feels a little bit lacking is with the internal storage. It only comes with about 667GB of usable storage space, as the remaining amount from the 825GB drive is used for the system files.

With the size of some of today’s games, like Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, this fills up extremely fast. Thankfully, expanded storage can save that. And the PS5 does have an expansion slot you can access after you pull off one of the side panels.

The only problem right now is that the slot essentially doesn’t work. Even if you were to install an NVMe SSD, the system wouldn’t read it. On top of that, we still don’t know which NVMe SSDs will be supported by the PS5. Though Sony will surely announce that once it gets closer to when the feature is being rolled out. Presumably at least, as it would likely want to give consumers time to get an SSD that will work so they can be prepared for when the feature goes live.

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The update will also enable higher fan speeds

The upcoming console firmware update isn’t just going to enable expanded SSD support. It will also reportedly enable higher fan speeds to help ensure the system doesn’t overheat from using two storage drives.

This would make sense. Given how quickly the internal SSD of the PS5 already runs. And adding a second drive that runs at the same speed would only make things warmer on the inside of the console. Naturally, the cooling fans running at a higher speed could help reduce the newly generated heat.

The question is once the higher speeds are unlocked for the cooling fans, is the console going to be louder? As it stands right now the PS5 runs almost whisper quiet compared to the original PS4 that sounded like a jet engine.