Sony's Next-Gen VR For PS5 Offers High-Fidelity With A Single Cord

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Sony is bringing VR to PS5, and not the already existing PSVR system that’s been compatible with it since launch. No, Sony is developing and has now officially announced that it’s working on a next-gen VR system for the PS5 console.

While PSVR still works well, this new headset is the result of loads of effort to improve upon Sony’s first foray into the world of virtual reality.

One of the biggest ways this is being implemented is with the use of a much more convenient setup. See, the PSVR system was and still is great. But connecting everything was not exactly a simple plug and play experience. Due to how many things there were to actually plug in. Not this time around though. Sony says its new headset will connect with a single cord and still deliver high-fidelity visuals.


The next-gen VR for PS5 will have “dramatic leaps” in performance

According to Sony, the next-gen VR system will have a major leap forward in performance and interactivity. It doesn’t go deep into specifics. But, it does note that players will feel more immersed in their games, and that there will be a greater sense of presence within the world.

Basically you should feel more like you’re actually in the game you’re playing than you did before. Feeling more immersed will be helped by the use of a new ergonomic controller. It comes with a new design that should be more comfortable to hold.

But the more important thing is the use of “some of” the key features found in the DualSense controllers. This could mean Sony plans to introduce the more advanced features that help with immersion, like the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers.


These are the two most key features on the DualSense. So it’s highly likely you can expect these in the new VR controller.

The new headset will not be launching this year

Before anyone gets their hopes up, Sony confirms that the new headset will not be launching this year. In fact it doesn’t mention a launch window at all. Other than that it won’t be arriving in 2021.

Sony says there is still a lot of development left ahead of it before things are finalized. So there is a real possibility that it may not launch until later in 2022 as well. That being said, there’s still around 9 months left in 2021. Which is a lot of time left for development, and Sony could very well finish what it needs to in that time frame.