Scrolling Screenshots Kind Of Work In Android 12

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Scrolling screenshots was a feature that we first saw Google add in Android 11, before removing it in the final release. Claiming that it was not completely ready. And that we should see it coming in Android 12. Well, scrolling screenshots are here in the first developer preview of Android 12, but they still are not perfect.

Basically, when you take a screenshot on the Pixel, it’ll give you the same UI that you’re accustomed too. However there will be a third option on the right that says “Scroll” tap that to scroll down further, until you decide to stop. And there’s your scrolling screenshot.

However, it’s still a bit janky right now. As XDA’s Mishaal Rahman shows on Twitter, it’s pretty janky and the SystemUI did also crash. Though Rahman did also note that it did not crash when he was not doing a screen recording. Either way, it still needs some work.


Scrolling screenshots should make it to the final release

Scrolling screenshots should make it to the final release of Android 12. Unless something major happens and causes a huge issue for users.

Google wanted it to be part of Android 11 last year, but it ran into some issues with the feature. The Android team had wanted to rebuild the screenshot feature for Android, so that it worked more uniformly across all apps, particularly when using with scrolling screenshots. Which meant that the feature was being delayed until Android 12.

It’s surprising that Google took this long to bring it to Android, considering Samsung and many other manufacturers have had it built into their own software on top of Android, for quite a few years. Either way, it’s here now, and while it still needs some improvements, it is here at least.


There’s bound to be many more Android 12 features coming too.