Samsung & Kvadrat Designed Eco-Friendly Cases For The Galaxy S21+

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Samsung and Kvadrat, a Danish textile company, are again collaborating to design eco-friendly cases for Galaxy S21+. They have a history of making cases for the Galaxy S20 and other smartphones, so this is not their first partnership.

According to Samsung, the upcycled plastic bottles are being used for making those cases, and at least 20-percent of inner frame material is post-consumer.

There is a five-step process for shaping the exterior. Gathering the bottles, melting and reformulating them, turning those into 100 percent recycled polyester yarn, coloring the yarn, and making those yarn to phone cases. Every 500-ml of the plastic bottle produces enough material for making at least two Galaxy S21+ cases.


The packaging is also eco-friendly. The Kvadrat removed the plastic from the packaging, and it uses papers instead. The ultimate goal was to remove as much plastic as possible, which seems to have been largely achieved. Moreover, the pricing is still unknown, and Kvadrat refused to talk about the final price for each case.

Eco-friendly phone cases are getting more attention

Most phone cases in the market use plastic as the main material, which hurts the environment in the long term. Different companies produce millions of phone cases each year, which means millions of tons of plastic. Samsung and Kvadrat partnership may be a good start and motivate other smartphone manufacturers to do so.

In recent years, more attention has been given to eco-conscious phone cases. Now, you can find those cases for different phones, regardless of the brand. Not using plastic in making cases does not mean the quality is poor. Using more eco-conscious cases leads to reduced CO2 emissions and a cleaner environment.

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This is not the first partnership between Samsung and Kvadrat

Kvadrat had previously designed some cases for Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, and S20+. Obviously, the quality of the Danish textile company was so good to motivate Samsung for more collaboration. In December 2020 and when Samsung’s Galaxy S21 cases surfaced, the Kvadrat cases were listed.

Of course, Kvadrat is not the only company making eco-conscious cases for Samsung smartphones, and you can find other manufacturers. Kvadrat is not producing phone cases only, and it delivers upholsteries, curtains, acoustics, roller blinds, and rugs.

Kvadrat has partnerships with other smartphone manufacturers, but in areas except for phone cases. In 2018, Kvadrat started a collaboration with LG too. LG Rollable OLED TV comes with a wool speaker cover by Kvadrat.