Samsung Adds Voice Guidance & More To The Galaxy Watch

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Samsung is making your Galaxy Watch a little bit more like the Galaxy Watch 3 by adding voice guidance and some other new features.

Today or sometime recently, Samsung began to push out software updates to the Galaxy Watch, adding new features like voice guidance for workouts. Which initially launched with the Galaxy Watch 3. The voice guidance feature speaks to you and basically walks you through running and cycling exercises as you do them.

Support for this feature was also added for users that have Bluetooth headphones connected to the watch. So you can listen with or without them.


This could be extremely useful to anyone who likes assistance with workouts. But the update is bringing more to the older watches. It’s also reportedly being pushed out to users in both South Korea and in the US. Having said that it may not necessarily hit everyone’s devices at the same time. If you’re in either South Korea or the US and you do have the Galaxy Watch, expect the update to show up sometime over the next few days if it hasn’t hit your watch already.

Voice guidance on the Galaxy Watch isn’t the only new feature

In addition to voice guidance, Galaxy Watch owners can look forward to a few more features and improvements. For starters, the update being rolled out also includes a nifty little ability to see images in notifications. So if you get a text and it contains an image, you’ll see that in your Galaxy Watch notification.

Granted it won’t be as easy to see as on your phone. But you’ll at least have an idea of what the image is before you pull your phone out of your pocket to look at it.

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The update adds support for AR Emoji and Bitmoji as well. And on top of all that there is still more. Like scrolling screenshots.

The update is also being pushed put to the Galaxy Watch Active

If you’ve got the Galaxy Watch Active, you should be seeing this update as well because it’s included in the rollout. It will also be receiving all of the same features.

Aside from the new capabilities, both the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active will get some performance and stability improvements to make things run more smoothly. The update is about 291MB in size, so it’s by no means small but it’s not a massive update either.


Galaxy Watch Update with Voice Guidance