Galaxy S21 Series Is Selling Really Well In Samsung's Homeland

samsung galaxy s21 AH 1

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is selling really well in Korea, it seems. Samsung itself revealed that its new smartphones are selling much better than the S20 series. To be more accurate, sales are up by 30-percent.

Do note that this information is based on the first week of market availability, well, the first 11 days, to be accurate. This is in line with pre-order numbers that were also up compared to last year.

The Galaxy S21 series is selling really well in Korea, the base model is the most popular

What’s interesting is, that the Galaxy S21 has been the most successful model for the company thus far. The Galaxy S21 Ultra did better in the UK; during the pre-order period, but the Galaxy S21 is selling a lot better in Korea.


Samsung says that 40-percent of all Galaxy S21 series orders in Korea thus far were for the base model. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a close second with a 36-percent share. 24-percent of users decided to go with the Galaxy S21+.

Phantom Black & Phantom Violet are the most popular color options

The company also shared some information regarding what color variants are most sought-after. The Phantom Black and Phantom Violet ones are in high demand. The Phantom Black Galaxy S21 Ultra is by far the most popular, while the Phantom Violet Galaxy S21 and S21+ are in high demand.

Samsung did not release any percentages for the color variants, though. The company merely said that those color options are the most popular in Korea.

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It seems like Samsung’s early launch strategy is working thus far. The Galaxy S21 series arrived around 6 weeks earlier than it would usually. Samsung announced its new flagships in January, instead of March.

There could be several reasons for that. Samsung may have planned to steal away some users from Huawei, and also get a head start at the same time. On top of that, the pandemic messed the market up, and MWC also got postponed until the summer. We’ll see how things will look at the end of the year, but the Galaxy S21 series seems to be popular thus far.