Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Drop Tests Show Interesting Results

Samsung Galaxy S21 series drop tests featured

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series got submitted to a series of drop tests by Allstate Protection Plans. The company shared its findings in a YouTube video which is embedded below this article.

All three smartphones got tested as part of this ordeal, and the results are interesting. Before we get started, do note that all three phones come with Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, which is, according to Samsung, “the toughest glass on a Samsung smartphone”.

The Galaxy S21 includes a polycarbonate back cover, while the Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra have the Gorilla Glass Victus on the back. It’s also worth noting that the Galaxy S21 is the lightest, and the S21 Ultra the heaviest phone in the series.


The company submitted these devices to face-down and back-down drop tests

In a face-down drop test (from 6 feet), the Galaxy S21’s glass got cracked and raised, but the phone continued to work. The Galaxy S21+, on the other hand, did not function properly after the test, as its screen started to malfunction. The glass on top of its display got loose, and it cracked as well.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra suffered the most in a face-down drop test. Its display was completely dead after the drop. The glass on top of it cracked, and it got loose as well.

The company also dropped all three phones from the other side, back-down. The Galaxy S21 did best in this test as well. It suffered minor scuffs and scratches, while its camera housing remained intact. Its cameras remained fully operational, and the polycarbonate on the back did not shatter or anything of the sort.

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The Galaxy S21+ did not fare so well. Its back panel shattered, though the camera housing remained intact. Its camera also remained fully operational after the fact.

Finally, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It basically fared the same as the Galaxy S21+. Its rear panel got shattered, though the camera housing remained intact, and the cameras remained functional.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 fared best in these drop tests

Allstate Protection Plans says that the new camera housing on all three phones survived drops with little damage, branding it as “a big improvement”. It also noted that the Galaxy S21 did best in these drop tests, mainly due to its polycarbonate back. Weight probably helped as well.


The company also notes that it did not see any improvement in durability when it comes to face-down drop tests, compared to the Galaxy S20 series. Back-down drop tests did show a considerable difference, though, mainly due to the metallic camera housing.