Samsung Galaxy S20 Update Adds eSIM, Makes Your Phone More Usable

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Samsung’s recently-rolled One UI 3.0 Galaxy S20 series update apparently unlocked eSIM functionality in regions where that was previously unavailable. That’s based on a recent report from SamMobile, noting that the company didn’t list the change in the changelog. The change, of course, also means it’s available for those Galaxy S20 owners who didn’t have eSIM before but have updated to One UI 3.1.

This eSIM update makes your Galaxy S20 series phone more usable

Now, that will include all devices in the Samsung Galaxy S20 family. So the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G should be part of this update. But what does the update actually do for end-users?

The biggest fundamental shift for end-users with this Galaxy S20 series update for eSIM is that it frees up slots in the phone’s SIM drawer. Summarily, prior to the update, users in some regions could use one SIM and one microSD card for expanding storage. Or they could use dual-SIM. But, in other regions, users could sign into service across both SIM and eSIM, while using a microSD card for storage.


That change means that users in previously locked-down regions can now take full advantage of the latter scenario. Effectively enabling them to have a dual-SIM setup while retaining the ability to use the microSD card slot for extra storage. And that could be a game-changer for some users. The pricier Samsung Galaxy S20 family members already came with up to 512GB of storage. But the standard Galaxy S20 didn’t. It shipped with just 128GB of storage.

Here’s how to take advantage of eSIM

For users who want to utilize the newly-added eSIM functionality, that can be turned on easily after the update. Users simply need to head over to the Settings application and then the “Connections” option in that app. Tapping “SIM card manager” and “Add mobile plan” will present the option.

To update the Samsung Galaxy S20, conversely, users also need to start in the Settings app. Then they’ll need to scroll down to “System updates” to find the appropriate button.

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