Samsung Brings Forth Custom CPU Throttling Capabilities

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Through Galaxy Labs app, Samsung is introducing brand-new custom CPU throttling for Android users.

Samsung has quietly introduced their new module through their app — they’re calling it Thermal Guardian, which gives users more control over phone CPU throttling. This new technology enables users to boost their own CPU power, albeit slightly, which comes along at the cost of operating at slightly higher thermal temperatures. Users are also able to keep their phones running at a cooler temperature by providing CPU processing at a lower power.

Users are able to change CPU output by two degrees in the direction of choice — either two-degrees cooler or warmer than normal output.


Android Sales Worldwide

Statistics show that Android smartphone sales continue to increase year after year — reaching 87.4% in the year 2019. This equates to 1.54 billion smartphones sold across the globe in 2019 with close to 1.35 billion smartphone users running Android OS.

One suspected reason that Android has been able to capture such a large market share is its advanced open-source platform, which gives mobile phone manufacturers the ability to utilize and adapt the operating system itself for applicable devices. Many Android users claim to forgo the usage of Apple products at any cost.

Samsung, who currently runs a customized version of the Android OS, claims the largest market share when it comes to global smartphone sales by an individual vendor.


All Samsung smartphones (not to mention tablets) utilize Android’s operating system, which is a mobile OS that is designed by Google. Android users can typically expect one major update each year, which also provides users with new improvements and features. These updates are not required by any means, and Android’s single update per year may be lower than Apple phone update output.

Which Version of Android Do You Have?

Certain Android users may not be able to update their smartphones for the most current version due to limitations of older phones. Users can check which version of Android they are currently using here. It’s important to know which version you are currently using as well as your phone’s current capabilities in order to utilize custom CPU throttling, which helps give users more control over their smartphones on a daily basis.

Smartphone Purchase Trends

An article from CNBC reports that many pandemic stimulus check recipients will be using their funds to enrich long-term goals. However, even though consumers have optimistic views of how they will actually use their stimulus checks, many consumers will likely be using their stimulus check funds to purchase newer smartphones that have better capabilities.


These days, smartphones perform with the same power and capacity as home computers. Individuals with smartphones can take quality video and photos, check the latest news, perform word processing and spreadsheet tasks, and even research loans (for instance, cash title loans) if stimulus checks aren’t quite enough to pay current bills. Many people actually utilize their smartphones more often than home computers, which proves new CPU throttling capabilities to be necessary, if not essential.