Samsung SmartThings Labs Let Users Test New Features

samsung smartthings lab

Samsung has now launched the SmartThings Labs that will let users test new features. Users can use these experimental features and provide feedback to Samsung engineers with real-time feedback.

Notably, in order to use the experimental features on SmartThings Labs app, have to participate in the program. This will help Samsung shape up these new features and possibly launch them in the future.

According to Engadget, there are currently eight experimental features that users can test out in SmartThings Labs. These features include a universal remote control, gentle wake-up feature, and a feature named “turn it off when I leave.”


We assume that the “turn it off when I leave” feature would allow users to automatically turn off the lights and other connected smart home devices when no motion is detected in your house.

Talking about the universal remote feature, it will allow Samsung users to control and manage a variety of connected home devices from a single screen.

With the TV Quick Control, you can add a TV remote control widget on your phone’s lock screen or notification panel. Moreover, one of the experimental features allows the user to use their phone as a Bluetooth keyboard for TV. You can also create virtual switches for connected smart home devices.

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Currently, users in the US & South Korea have access to SmartThings Labs

Samsung Electronics corporate vice president Jaeyeon Jung said, “We are committed to enhancing our user experience and SmartThings Labs allows users to be actively engaged in our testing process, providing valuable feedback for our engineers.

Although there aren’t any groundbreaking features in SmartThings Labs, these will surely come in handy. Samsung plans to add more experimental features in the coming months too.

Just for those who have old Samsung Galaxy devices lying around their homes, Samsung will soon bring an experimental feature to turn these old Galaxy devices into cameras and monitors.


This is a nice initiative by Samsung to give users an opportunity to test out the developing features. This will also give a more clear picture to developers whether or not to include any of the experimental features.

As of now, only users in the US and South Korea have access to SmartThings Lab. In order to check out the latest features, you need to head over to SmartApps in the menu. Then tap on More and then the SmartThings Labs option.

This Samsung’s move is aimed at getting the community involved, just like OnePlus has developed several features after taking feedback from its community.