Refurbished Nest Learning Thermostat Now Available From Google Store

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News from 9to5Google reports that the Google Store is now offering refurbished Nest Learning Thermostat, Wi-Fi, and Hello devices. Now for a while, the Google Store in the US has offered affordable refurbished options for products.

These products include the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Protect. Starting Today February 23 the store will offer three new options in the US. First is the Nest Learning Thermostat third generation. The refurbished device is available for $159 which is a big $90 off its retail price.

The price is still higher than the normal Nest Thermostat thanks to its learning features. The features adapt to your routines in an attempt to save electricity. The $129 dollar Nest Thermostat doesn’t include these learning features.


Save money on refurbished Nest Learning Thermostat and other Nest devices

Next up is the Nest Hello doorbell camera. The doorbell camera is $149 refurbished compared to its normal $229 dollar price point. The doorbell keeps an eye on the entrance of your home. It can track when a package is dropped off, picked up, and can help catch porch pirates.

Last but definitely not least on offer are the two options for getting refurbished Nest Wi-Fi hardware. If you are looking to get the first mesh Wi-Fi system you can grab the refurbished Nest Wi-Fi three-pack. The three-pack comes with the base router and two smart speakers.

The three-pack can easily cover 5,400 square feet. The cost is only $239 dollars. The discount is over a $100 dollar discount from its regular price of $349. For those of you who already have Nest Wi-Fi or Google Wi-Fi, you can get additional smart-speaker Nest Wi-Fi points.


The Nest Wi-Fi points go for $99 dollars refurbished. That is a $50 dollar discount which is a really nice discount.

Prior to today, the only Made by Google product with refurbished options was the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3 is a solid device, but it will only be supported with new updates until October this year. However, the refurbished Nest options on offer have better longevity.

If you have been looking to make your home a bit smarter then these new refurbished Nest devices can definitely do the trick. As a result of the pandemic still keeping a lot of people locked down having a camera watching your front door is useful.


Especially for anyone who orders a lot of packages from Amazon. Now you can see when that package you ordered arrives, and if the delivery person gently put delivered your package.