Proscenic M7 Pro Review: A Clean Freak's Best Friend

Proscenic M7 Pro Review

The sheer number of robot vacuum options out there now is dizzying. In the midst of all that, the M7 Pro from Proscenic stands out.

Proscenic M7
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  • Powerful suction
  • Seems good at cleaning pet hair
  • Alexa voice support
  • Works well on hard wood and on carpet
  • It has an optional self-cleaning bin (Not sold with the vacuum)
  • You can set up restricted areas and spot clean
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Good battery life
  • Sometimes it gets stuck in spots where it didn't before
  • No mopping capabilities

You might not have heard of Proscenic or its M7 Pro robot vacuum before, and that wouldn't be too surprising given the vast number of robot vacuum options out there these days. In fact the only brands that are really that well-known are iRobot, Shark, Samsung, Bissell, Dyson, Roborock, and Eufy.

But there are far many more brands than that now. A quick search on Amazon for "robot vacuums" really drives home how many consumers have to choose from. All at varied costs, and likely with varied sets of features and quality.

So, sifting through the options to find the Proscenic M7 Pro may not be the easiest thing. You might not give it a second thought even if you did come across it. But, you should, because it's a pretty decent one with a robust feature set. and most importantly it seems to clean pretty well.


The Proscenic M7 Pro feels like a clean freak's best friend

If you like your place to be clean but you just don't enjoy the act of cleaning, the M7 Pro is like your best friend who for some reason absolutely adores cleaning and wants to clean your place for you. Maybe it's therapeutic for them. The point is they like doing it.

That's what the M7 Pro is. A friend who likes cleaning and wants to free up your floors from dust, dirt, and any unwanted food crumbs or left over particles of god knows what.

This vacuum is a clean freak's best friend and it does a pretty decent job at getting your place nice and tidy. At least when it comes to the floors. After multiple uses of this vacuum over the course of a few weeks, my place has never felt cleaner.

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Most likely due to the fact that before this machine I vacuumed about once a week. Usually on the weekend. With the M7 Pro however, I tend to run it every few days. Because I can let it do all the work while I'm actually working myself. And this way it better curbs buildup of any dust, dirt, and debris.

Again, if you like to have a clean place but just don't like cleaning, the M7 Pro is a wonderful helper. At the very least, it lessens the amount of cleaning you have to actually do.

Battery life is better than expected

I don't necessarily have a wide reference of comparisons when it comes to robot vacuums. But it feels like the battery life on the M7 Pro is a whole lot better than expected.


It can last for up to two and half hours (150 minutes) before needing to be recharged. Roughly. Though that likely changes based on whether or not you fiddle with any of the features in the app while the vacuum is already running.

Also worth noting is that my apartment is not massive by any means. It has two rooms, the kitchen, living room, and entryway. And both bedrooms are set as restricted areas just so the vacuum doesn't get stuck on things. So, it does have the capacity to clean the designated allowed areas before the battery is dead.

For larger homes, especially ones with multiple floors, that may not be the case. But compared to other robot vacuums out there, 150 minutes seems to be a fairly decent length of time for battery life. Some other more well-known machines run for 50-80 minutes. Some for 100.


Case in point, 150 minutes isn't that bad at all. And if you life in a smaller place it's probably more than enough time to vacuum the entire area. And still have battery life left.

I find that it gets stuck in odd places from time to time

For the most my experience with the M7 Pro has been a really good one. It hits (seemingly as I'm not actually watching it the entire time) all the nooks and crannies of my apartment without much issue.

But from time to time I have noticed that it would get stuck in odd spots. I say odd because these are spots where it had no issue passing through before.


To be clear this isn't happening every time I've ran the vacuum. But it has happened more than once so I thought it was worth bringing up. I am not sure what had caused this to happen, all I know is that after checking the areas, there was nothing in the way that should have prevented it from continuing to clean.

Also worth noting is that this occurrence didn't increase at any point over time. So it was likely just mishaps.

The self-cleaning bin is a must-have attachment

You don't get it with the vacuum, as it's a separate purchase, but it is highly recommended. Between the normal bin that comes with the vacuum and the self-cleaning one, the self-cleaning one really makes all the difference.


If you're really trying to automate your cleaning as much as possible, then you want the self-cleaning bin. After every single cleaning session, the bin will vacuum out all of the dust, dirt, hair, and debris from the vacuum's compartment. Then the vacuum sits there to recharge. Fully emptied for the next time it cleans.

This makes the act of vacuuming almost entirely hands off. Save for any areas you may have restricted and have to vacuum yourself. You will of course still have to empty the bin, but it's a lot easier thanks to the self-cleaning and the specialized bags.

All you have to do is lift the bag out and lock the vent, then toss it in the trash. As opposed to dumping the bin out. Which also makes for less mess.


Play around with restricted areas, spot cleaning, and schedules

Once you've used the vacuum once or twice, play around with some of its other features. Or start from the get-go. I'm talking specifically about a few different features in particular, including spot cleaning, the restricted areas, and the scheduled cleaning.

But there are more features that you may want to dive into like silent mode and multi-zone cleaning. For starters though, consider setting up restricted areas if there are any around your home where you don't want the vacuum to go.

For example, I have both bedrooms set up as restricted zones. This is because there is usually just too much stuff in the way on the floors for the vacuum not to run into things. And since I work from home the vacuum can't really clean the whole room with my chair in the way. Cutting it off from the other half of the room. So, I set it up as restricted and it this allows me to keep the bedroom door open.

Surprisingly, the vacuum stays away. So these restricted zones work pretty well. As for the spot cleaning and scheduled cleaning, these work as you might expect. The spot cleaning is great for if there is one or two spots in particular that need a better clean.

And the schedule is there if you simply don't want to open the app every time you want to run the vacuum.

Alexa voice support is excellent if you have an Echo

If you've got an Alexa-powered smart speaker in the home, definitely test out the Alexa voice support. It makes cleaning even easier than it already was as you don't have to pull out the app or set up schedules.

You can just tell Alexa to clean and the vacuum gets the job done. While not the most exciting feature the Proscenic M7 Pro has to offer, it's still a good one and very useful for those with smart home setups.

And there's just something so satisfying about asking your virtual assistant to clean your floors and having a robot do it all for you. It makes you feel like you live in a futuristic home set in the Jetson's universe. And that will never not be cool.

Setup of the Proscenic M7 Pro was extremely easy

If you have any hang ups about configuring this vacuum for your own home, don't. Setup with the app was extremely easy and it took me maybe one minute to finish the entire thing. Then the vacuum was ready to start cleaning should I have had the desire for it to do so.

Upon launching the Proscenic app for the first time, it walks you through every step in a quick and painless process. And although your own experiences could vary, I found that for me there were no snags that caused setting up the vacuum to be arduous or lengthy.

I feel like this is a very important factor in high-tech devices of any kind. Because the more problematic or temperamental it is to set something up, the less likely many people are to do it. Which in this case would make the vacuum useless.

So easy setup is a big plus and the M7 Pro was definitely easy to set up.

Decent navigation that seems to know its way around

It doesn't seem like there were any problems with navigation on the M7 Pro. Proscenic says it uses an advanced laser navigation system that will map the home in real-time, and then use that map to plot out what it thinks perceives as the best path for cleaning.

And, in my experience it doesn't seem to have any issues with navigating around stuff. In between chair legs, around boxes, nothing seemed to really hold up the vacuum unless there were any stray cords laying around. About the only thing I had to modify was moving the kitchen rug because the vacuum just bunches it up. Though this is more due to the thinness of the rug and its quality. Not the vacuum.

I did find that the vacuum does seem to bump into walls what seems like a lot. But the end results of the vacuum job are always a pretty clean floor. So the bumps may be a small price to pay.

Should I buy the Proscenic M7 Pro?

The Proscenic M7 Pro is a pretty darn good robot vacuum for the price. There are other options out there that are similarly priced. And some of those may even be better options.

But the M7 Pro is definitely one to consider if you're looking for a mid-range robot vacuum around this price range. If you want something with mopping features, then this isn't the robot vacuum for you. But you may end up spending more for that type of machine.

With the M7 Pro, what you get is a vacuum that works and has plenty of features that make it simple to use. It provides a good clean, navigates well, and does a good job with pet hair. Though I wasn't able to test it with excessive amounts of pet hair so your mileage may vary if you have numerous pets that shed a lot.

Nevertheless, there's little to not love about this vacuum. Especially with its new lower price.

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