Polar's New Verity Sense HR Strap Works Without A Connected Device

Polar Verity Sense

Polar has introduced a new heart rate sensor called the Verity Sense today. The device has more than a few notable features, not the least of which is the cost, which is a fairly reasonable $89.95.

While you could easily use the heart rate sensor that already exists on your smartwatch or fitness tracker, those may not be the best option. Wrist-worn heart rate sensors can be inaccurate due to the amount of movement and flex of the wrists during exercise.

But the Polar Verity Sense doesn’t suffer from the same setbacks. Mainly because it can be worn just about anywhere.


The Polar Verity Sense is a versatile, wear anywhere optical heart rate sensor

The real advantage of something like the Verity Sense is the ability to wear the tracker numerous places. You can wear it on your arm and even wrap the device around your leg. Provided you have a strap that fits.

Polar also says the sensor can be clipped to swim goggles. What’s more though is that you can fit the Verity Sense just about anywhere else. You just need to place the sensor snugly against your skin anywhere on your body. Meaning you could easily place it under your clothing where it’s out of the way and it can still do its job.

Aside from its ability to be worn just about anywhere, the Verity Sense also has plenty of room for recorded data thanks to its 16MB of internal memory. According to Polar, the Verity Sense can record up to 600 hours of training time. Meaning you can download the data at a later point.

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It does have a maximum of a 20-hour battery life though. So you will probably need to charge it every few days.

Connect to the Polar Flow app for deep insights on your training

Since this doesn’t have a screen, you can’t interact with the data it records on the device itself. Instead you would download the data and then sync it to the Polar Flow app.

Once there you can look at deep insights on your training. Including things like calories burned, heart rate, the number of training sessions and more. And everything is displayed in easy to read graphs. The Verity Sense is also water resistant up to 50 meters, and it can sync with ANT+ compatible hardware. Like gym equipment and cycling computers.


Polar is selling the Verity Sense from today on its own website and it should be available at some physical retailers.

Polar Verity Sense