PixelJunk Raiders Lands Exclusively On Stadia March 1

PixelJunk Raiders

Stadia may not have any first-party titles coming, but it does have PixelJunk Raiders, its next exclusive game. The PixelJunk series of games from Kyoto, Japan-based Q-Games has been around for years and is immensely popular.

PixelJunk Raiders, the newest title in the series, will be a Stadia exclusive. Though it will probably be timed and eventually arrive on other platforms. It’s also going to be free for Stadia Pro members. But if you don’t subscribe to Pro or you plan to switch to the Base membership, you can buy PixelJunk Raiders too. When it arrives it’ll be available for $19.99.

PixelJunk Raiders comes to Stadia on March 1

In less than a week now you’ll be able to dive into PixelJunk Raiders’ procedurally generated world. This is an action-adventure rogue-like game, which means you can expect permanent death.


That also means that each time you play will be a fresh experience. Because you won’t be playing the same life and you won’t be playing in the same levels. Not really, as procedurally generated content mixes things up with a bit of randomness and offers replay value.

Replay value will also be added through the means of character customization. Which there seems to be a lot of. The announcement notes that “hard work pays off” and that you’ll be able to unlock a whole host of weapons, skins, gadgets, and more to customize your character to make them more unique.

Players will need to deal with both hostile invaders (which are likely other players that can invade your world), and a large collection of alien life that inhabits the planet. So players will need to keep an eye out for any impending threats that could be lurking just about anywhere.

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PixelJunk Raiders will feature State Share

In PixelJunk Raiders, the main bulk of content to play through is single player experiences. But the game does offer multiplayer as well. Following games like Crayta and the Hitman series, PixelJunk Raiders will feature State Share.

Allowing players to share their own unique parts of the game for others to play. This goes both ways, too. Because while you can share your own play state with others, you can play other people’s states to gain powerful boosts. There’s also hundreds of thousands of unique locations to explore and stumble upon. So if exploring is your thing you’ll get a lot of that with PixelJunk Raiders.

Visually, the game features a cell-shaded style of graphics that are beautifully done. Filled with lush colors, gorgeous skyboxes and a vast world. If you’re looking to check the game out you won’t have to wait much longer since it shows up next Monday.