Pixel 5 Punch-Hole Camera Can Finally Be Hidden In Android 12

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Pixel 5 users will finally be able to ensure that their punch-hole camera is hidden from view in Android 12. That’s based on a recent report detailing how the feature is accessed in Android 12 Developer Preview 1.

The option specifically, and fittingly, is found in the hidden Developer options menu. Accessing that, for those who have installed the preview, is easy enough. But it is a two-step process. First, users need to navigate to the System Settings in the Settings app and then to the “About” page. Then they’ll need to tap on the “Build number” until a message appears indicating that developer settings are unlocked.

Then, in the Settings app, users will need to first navigate to “System,” “Advanced,” Developer options,” and “Display cutout.”


Presumably, the option will remain in that location in the menus through at least a portion of the remaining test builds.

The punch-hole camera has been hidden but not before Android 12 on Pixel 5

This hidden camera option is one that’s already been available on Pixel-branded smartphones prior to either Android 12 or Pixel 5. On the Pixel 3 XL, for instance, selecting the option shifted the notification and status bar down. That, in turn, filled the area around the punch-hole camera with black, hiding the hole.

Since there’s no notch on the Pixel 5, that shift isn’t necessary. Instead, it just fills the status bar with a black background. Since the camera surrounded and lens have a black tone to them, that effectively hides away that hole and camera. At the expense of having a wallpaper that fills the status bar.

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When will this launch?

Now, the hidden punch-hole camera feature may be moved to a different location in the menu in future builds for Pixel 5. Or with the finalization of Android 12. But because this feature was already released in previous generations of Pixel phones, it’s not too surprising that it’s making a comeback here.

Users will also want to wait for the stable Android 12 release for this feature. The Developer Preview builds are not meant for the average user, typically filled with bugs and insecure in terms of data retention. And Google won’t finish Android 12, by most accounts, until sometime in September.

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