Check Out The Outriders Demo On The Go With GeForce NOW

Outriders Demo GeForce NOW 1

NVIDIA is making sure that gamers can check out today’s release of the Outriders demo on the go through its GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform/service.

The company officially announced today that the Outriders demo would be available through GeForce NOW. Which means you can stream the game over the cloud if you aren’t at home to play it on your PC proper. Or you could continue your PC gameplay on the go if you end up having to leave the house but don’t want to quit playing.

Whatever the case, NVIDIA is making it extremely easy to play the demo and see what all the fuss is about.


GeForce NOW subscribers can play the Outriders demo right now

The demo officially went live on PC and consoles this morning at 9AM PST. So it’s been live for a few hours at this point and players are already falling in love with the game’s gunplay and overall combat.

The demo will give players the chance to get their characters up to level 7. So you won’t be able to hit max level until the game officially launches in April. The demo does seem to contain a nice sizeable chunk of content though. Aside from a level 7 cap, the demo also includes the full prologue and game opening, and the ability to play solo or co-op.

You can also transfer any progress you have to the full game once it releases. Eliminating any worries players may have had that they would be putting in time just to have to start fresh upon release.


If you want to check out the demo for yourself, you will need to download it from Steam. Or at least add it to your library if you intend to check it out entirely in GeForce NOW.

NVIDIA is adding 11 more games to the roster today

It is Thursday, so that also means a new crop of games are joining GeForce NOW today. Aside from the Outriders demo this includes Art of Rally, Curse Of The Dead Gods, Eve Online, Labyrinth Of Refrain: Coven Of Dusk, Might & Magic Heroes VII, Observer System Redux, Old School Rune Scape, Project Highrise, Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos, the System Shock demo, and Tank Mechanic Simulator.

You can access GeForce NOW on Android or iOS devices, Chromebooks, desktop and laptop PCs, and Mac. So whatever device you have on hand will let you dive into the Outriders demo and whole lot more today.