OnePlus May Have Found A New Way To Hide The Selfie Camera

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OnePlus may have found a new way to hide the selfie camera. The company has patented new technology, which allows it to hide the selfie camera in the phone’s bezel, essentially.

OnePlus wants to hide the selfie camera in the top bezel

To be more accurate, thanks to this patent, the company can hide the selfie camera in the bezel above the display. That way, it does not have to cut a hole in the display, or anything of the sort. This may be a way to go forward until under-display cameras become good enough.

This patent has been submitted in mid-2020 with the WIPO (World Intellectual Patent Office). OnePlus submitted its documentation on 23 pages back then. The patent got released on February 4.


Having said that, OnePlus actually covers this bezel camera. It is covered by a “transparent cover plate”, so that it blends into the bezel altogether. The whole idea is that you don’t even notice it, of course.

OnePlus bezel selfie camera

Doing this is allegedly cheaper than cutting a hole in the display. That’s a plus, of course, not to mention that you’ll get more screen real estate if OnePlus opts to do this moving forward. The production costs are low, while the yield is high.


This patent won’t be implemented in the OnePlus 9 series

Do not expect this technology in the OnePlus 9 or 9 Pro, though. The designs of those two phones have surfaced already, and it seems like both of them have a display camera hole. It is even in the same place as in the OnePlus 8 series.

OnePlus may opt for this bezel selfie camera with the OnePlus 9T, though, who knows. This seems to be the right solution for the problem, as the selfie camera won’t be in the way.

Under-display cameras are already here, well, one phone got released sporting such a camera. The thing is, pictures from that camera are not as good as they should be. The technology may need a bit more time.


Still, Xiaomi is rumored to release a phone with an under-display camera this year, while ZTE is preparing its second one. We’ll see if OnePlus will use this bezel selfie camera patent at all, but it would be nice to see instead of a display camera hole.