'Nothing' Will Launch Its First Product This Summer

Nothing company

Carl Pei’s new company, ‘Nothing’, will launch its first product this summer. The company will announce a pair of wireless headphones. This more or less confirms that the company will at least start its journey with audio products.

Bloomberg did not share any additional information on this product, though. What we did find out, however, is more information about the funding of the company.

First ‘Nothing’ product will be a pair of wireless headphones, following Series A funding

Carl Pei, OnePlus’ co-founder, and the founder of ‘Nothing’, announced some information regarding the funding. The company has secured $15 million in Series A funding from GV. If that sounds familiar, that’s because GV is formerly known as Google Ventures.


This money will be put towards Nothing’s team and operations, and it will also be invested into R&D. ‘Nothing’ will start its journey with wireless headphones, but the company’s goal is to build a whole range of smart, connected consumer electronics products.

Many well-known people invested into the company

Many well-known people invested into ‘Nothing’, as we’ve been able to found out recently. The iPod inventor, Tony Fadell invested, as did Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin. The same goes for the Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman, and a well-known YouTuber, Casey Neistat.

Carl Pei made a name for himself via OnePlus, as he was one of the driving forces of the company. Carl Pei decided to leave OnePlus last year in order to start a new journey in the form of ‘Nothing’.


It will be interesting to watch the evolution of this company and its products. Many high-profile people from the industry put faith in Carl Pei, and have high hopes for this company. It will be interesting to see how it will all turn out.

We’ll have to wait until the summer for the first ‘Nothing’ product. That is the only product that was confirmed thus far, though chances are we’ll see more of them by the end of the year.