Nitrocharge 30 Pro Review – Multi gadget portable charger now with Magsafe

Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR FEATURE

Nitrocharge 30 Pro now has Magsafe which works well for Android devices too!

Nitrocharge 30 Pro
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  • Stylish light weight design
  • Magsafe now built in
  • Can charge 3 devices concurrently
  • Premium build quality
  • PD and QC3.0 charge standard compatible
  • Can charge devices at 5W - mainly BT earbuds
  • Laptop charging is possible if it is PD standard compatible
  • Needs a beefy 30W or higher charging brick for quick charging
  • Price is a bit high after promo ends
  • Logo is upside down from where charging display is

Excitrus provided Android Headlines with a review unit of the Nitrocharge 30 Pro. This review was written after using the device for more than 7 days.

Nitrocharge 30 Pro is a new Magsafe compatible Power Bank from Excitrus. The main difference between Nitrocharge 30 Pro and the previous version Nitrocharge 30 is Magsafe compatibility.

Just like the previous version, Nitrocharge 30 Pro offers wired and Qi wireless charging. The main advantage is that you can charge all your gadgets including modern laptops on the move.

Everything about the Nitrocharge 30 Pro is identical to the Nitrocharge 30. So this mini-review is going to focus mainly on the newer features only.


Magsafe Charging built-in

Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR Review1

With the original Nitrocharge 30, the user has to install magnets on the inside of the case for the device to position correctly on this portable power bank. However, for folks with the new iPhone 12 series, you don’t need to do this anymore.

Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR Review3


This newer version works well with Magsafe and generic cases. For best results though use a Magsafe case. For my use case, I used a generic black TPU case and it stuck to the power bank quite well. However, with a Gear4 Crystal Palace case on my iPhone 12 mini it felt like the phone is bolted onto the top of the device.

Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR Review4a

So for best results, I think it might be safer to use a case that is Magsafe compatible. The results were identical for a Gear4 Rio Snap case which is Magsafe compatible.


Suitable for Android devices too

Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR Review5

The NitroCharge Pro is also suitable for Android devices. There is a metal ring that you can apply to your phone or the inside of your phone case. This will ensure that your phone and NitroCharge’s charging coils stay perfectly aligned to maximize the wireless charging speed. I use it with my S20 FE just like I did the original Nitrocharge 30.

Nitrocharge 30 Pro Verdict

I got the review sample just a few days before a 3-week international trip. I used this every day to charge my S20 FE, iPhone 12 mini, and iPad Pro. To reduce clutter I took the small 1 foot long cables and one USB-C charging brick.


Nitrocharge 30 Pro AH HR Review2

The Nitrocharge 30 Pro worked like a champ during the entire 3-week period. This gadget provides a multi gadget charging solution in a stylish, compact, lightweight package. In addition, with the Pro version now due to the Magsafe option the phone just stays put due to the strong suction force. Just drop the phone on top of the Nitrocharge 30 Pro and it’s not going to budge. No more searching for the optimal placement location.

If you are interested in getting one, I suggest you hurry up and get one on Indiegogo at the launch price of $59.