Netflix Working On Timer Feature For Its Android App, Finally

Netflix AH NS 10

Netflix has begun testing a new timer feature aimed to stop streaming on Android after a set period of time. As reported by The Verge this could help those that wander off or fall asleep during their Netflix sessions.

As the world’s premier streaming service it is hardly surprising to see the company continue to add innovations to its platform. This is something Netflix has continually done over the last few months and years.

Earlier this month Android got a boost from the platform as it announced that it would bring a ‘Studio-Quality’ sound upgrade to users. This saw Netflix switch to streaming Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC (xHE-AAC) on compatible devices.


Prior to this Netflix also introduced a shuffle feature to its platforms. Designed to help those that cannot decide on what to watch the new feature should launch to all accounts over the first half of 2021.

This new timer feature seems to be another UX innovation coming for Andoird Nextflix users. With increasing competition in the streaming industry, Netflix clearly feels the need to stay ahead of its rivals.

Netflix begins all testing new timer feature to limit streaming

The new feature will, therefore, allow users to set a timer for their viewing period. Users can pick from four timer settings: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or end of whatever people are watching.


Once this time limit has elapsed the Netflix app will stop. The theory is that this will conserve battery life and ensure episodes do not continue on auto-play.

Currently, this feature will only roll out select users globally with Android devices as part of an initial test. However, Netflix will explore plans to bring it to other devices such as TVs and desktops over the coming months.

Whether the feature rolls out fully seems to be based on how much users adopt and take to the new feature. The feature is also only available on adult profiles for now but this may extend later on as well.


Given this seems like a perfect setting to limit kids’ screen time it would be surprising if it does not roll out to these accounts. However, for kids, the feature would probably have to be more difficult to access due to their propensity to tap on screens more frequently.

Overall, this seems like a useful tool and one that we would imagine a lot of users would enjoy. As a result, expect it to roll out more widely over the course of this year providing the feature is indeed popular.