Name Of Upcoming OnePlus Nord Smartphone Has Been Revealed

OnePlus Nord N1 5G name confirmed

OnePlus is planning to announce more affordable Nord smartphones this year, and the name of the company’s upcoming offering has just been revealed. This information comes from Max Jambor, a well-known tipster.

The upcoming OnePlus Nord smartphone will be called the Nord N1 5G

The name of the device will be the OnePlus Nord N1 5G. That’s probably not the first name you’d guess, considering that it’s supposed to succeed the Nord N10 5G, but there you go.

Mr. Jambor does not know when will this phone launch, at least not yet. The Nord N10 5G was announced in late October, so chances are we’ll have to wait quite a bit to get the Nord N1 5G.


You may wonder what about a successor to the Nord and Nord N100? Well, the Nord N100’s successor will probably arrive around the time when the Nord N1 5G drops, if it ever arrives. The source did not mention it.

In regards to a successor for the OnePlus Nord, well, that wasn’t mentioned either. However, chances are it will happen, as the OnePlus Nord was quite popular. The device got announced back in July last year so chances are its successor will arrive in mid-2021.

In regards to additional OnePlus Nord N1 5G details, the source did not share anything. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for details on the design and specifications, as Mr. Jambor did teaser further leaks soon.


The OnePlus 9 series launch is right around the corner

OnePlus is probably focusing on the OnePlus 9 series launch at this point, though. The company is expected to announce three smartphones as part of its flagship series this time around.

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will be accompanied by the OnePlus 9E aka 9 Lite. That last phone will probably be inferior to the 9 and 9 Pro, and chances are it won’t utilize the Snapdragon 888. The details are scarce, though.

More information is expected to follow in the near future as we’re getting quite closer to the expected launch date.