Lawnchair Launcher Is Back In Development, New Update Imminent

lawnchair launcher

Customization is one of the key factors for people using Android devices. The launcher is the first thing that is changed when starting off with customization. And if you are into customization then, you would have probably heard of Lawnchair Android launcher.

Although there are a bunch of launchers available on the Google Play Store, there are only a few that made the cut and is trusted by users. Popular names include Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and a few others.

Among the other few, there is Lawnchair launcher, which when debuted was praised for its minimal and clean look. However, taking a look at the Play Store, the last update the app received was back in December 2019.


There are tens of thousands of users who are still using the app, keeping this great launcher alive. For them, there is good news because official on Telegram, Lawnchair has announced that they are back with some new blood.

Yes, you heard it right. After a year-long hiatus, Lawnchair has made its comeback announcement on Telegram. The company is already working on catching up with code changes and bugfixes.

Moreover, it will push a new update for Lawnchair pretty soon. The company also informed that some new members have been added to the team to make the task easier.

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7 new developers have joined the Lawnchair launcher team to put things back in order

Reportedly, 7 new developers have joined the Lawnchair team to put things back in order for its source code. This will also allow Lawnchair to fix bugs and issues and also push out new updates soon.

This is indeed a piece of very relieving news for ardent fans of Lawnchair who were still using the app in hope of its return. Lawnchair rose to fame thanks to its take on the Pixel launcher.

Pixel's clean approach for its app drawer and other settings is liked by many Android fans. But the customization options in the Pixel launcher are limited or close to none.


Here comes into picture Lawnchair. This not only gives the Android user feel of the Pixel launcher but also provides a bunch of customizing options to actually make the home screen personal.

Lawnchair is definitely one of the best third-party launchers out there for Android users looking for a clean Pixel-esque experience.

There is no information available on when the new update for Lawnchair will debut on Google Play Store. All we can do is hope that, though the new update takes time, it brings more features for users, as they have waited for it for a year.