LastPass Will Restrict Its Free Accounts Further, Starting Next Month


LastPass really wants you to pay for its service.

Today, LastPass announced that it will be restricting its free users to just one device type, starting in March. This means that you will be limited to using the service on computers or on smartphones. Luckily, you won’t be limited to just one device, but one device type. So if you use multiple smartphones, you can use across all of those devices.

For current free users, the first device type you login to after March 16, 2021, will set your active type.


LastPass will allow you to switch your device type up to three times. But if you do use LastPass on every platform, it’s worth it to pay for the premium version.

It will also be including some support restrictions on May 17. Email support will be only available for Premium customers, and those with a LastPass family account. Free users will only be able to get support from the Support Center for self-help resources. It’s rather unfortunate, but it shows LastPass is putting its paying customers first.

Why you should sign up for LastPass

LastPass is a truly amazing service, as someone who has been using it since 2015. And it’s pretty inexpensive, coming in at $3 per month, when billed annually. That’s cheaper than any streaming service you pay for right now. And for the peace of mind of keeping your passwords safe, it’s definitely worth it.


LastPass has a number of great features, within the vault. Where you can save your credit card info for easy checkout, as well as addresses and even have notes hidden in the vault. Notes that you want to be locked up, so anyone that gets your smartphone can’t use it. Which is very smart, and awesome.

It’s a life saver, and you can sign up for LastPass Premium by clicking here.

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