Here's A Wear OS Smartwatch From Hublot That Costs Three Month's Rent

Hublot Big Bang E Premiere League

Hublot today have announced a brand-new smartwatch coming to consumers that’s powered by Wear OS. The company is commonly known for producing some really high-end watches.

The new Wear OS-powered Hublot Big Bang E Premiere League follows this trend. Though not quite to the scale of some of the brand’s other offerings. Like the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire 45mm watch. Which costs a whopping $169,000.

Having said that, the Big Bang E Premiere League is still an expensive watch. Coming with a retail price that costs more than three months worth of rent. Assuming your rent isn’t more than a few grand a month of course.


If luxury tech goods are your thing though, Hublot is prepared to deliver. And if on top of that you’re a fan of Premiere League then this may be a tantalizing product for you.

The Hublot Big Bang E Premiere League runs on Wear OS and costs $5,200

As noted this watch runs on Wear OS. But it’s not the software of the watch that makes it so expensive. Rather it’s the combination of the Premiere League collaboration and the choice of materials that make up the timepiece.

The Big Bang E Premiere League comes with a satin-finished titanium case. And it builds on that high-quality material use with a sapphire crystal screen.

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It also features a 3ATM water resistance rating and a purple (the signature color of the Premiere League) fabric Velcro strap with a fancy microblasted black ceramic buckle. These are the elements that make up the price. That and the Hublot brand name which has been producing luxury timepieces for years, helping them command a high cost.

The watch does however come with an exclusive app for Premiere League fans. Called the Hublot Loves Football Premiere League app, users can set it up to send special animated alerts about Premiere League upcoming matches. Including kick-off times, goals, penalties and more.

Everything under the hood is standard

Once you get past the high-quality materials, everything else is pretty standard fare for a Wear OS smartwatch.


Inside the watch is being powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100. A common mobile platform designed specifically for wearables and which is found in every single Wear OS smartwatch that’s been produced and released for the last couple of years.

The Big Bang E Premiere League also comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage space for apps and music. As well as a 300mAh battery and an AMOLED display panel. So, pretty basic stuff you’ll find in every other Wear OS watch out there that you can currently buy, but for a lot less.

If you’ve got the means, and you pride yourself on being a mega fan of the Premiere League, perhaps this Wear OS watch is the best option. You can now purchase the Big Bang E Premiere League from Hublot’s website and likely at specialized luxury retailers.