How To Download And Use ACMarket App On Your Android Phone

ACMarket 1

Android users are no longer stuck with the official app store. Now they can download an alternative one called ACMarket, an unofficial app installer that offers users a huge choice of 3rd-party games, unofficial apps, and much more. All of the goodies, and you don’t need a rooted device to use it. Here’s everything you need to know about this cool new app store.

How to Download ACMarket on Android:

You won’t find ACMarket is the official app store. That said, downloading it is pretty simple, so long as you follow these steps to install the APK file onto your Android device.

  1. Open your Android Settings apps.
  2. Tap on Security or Privacy, depending on what Android firmware you have
  3. Find the Allow Unknown Sources option and enable it
  4. Close Settings and open your browser
  5. Download the ACMarket APK file from the official website https://ac-market.org/
  6. Please find the file in your device Downloads location and double-tap on it
  7. The installation will begin, and ACMarket will go on your home screen when it’s done

How to Use ACMarket App:

Using ACMarket is just as simple as the official app store:

  1. Open ACMarket on your device
  2. Choose an app category and tap it
  3. Find something you want to download or, if you have a specific app or game in mind, use the search bar
  4. Tap the app or game and then tap GET beside it
  5. Wait for the app to download, and it will appear on your home screen – it is now ready to use in the same way you use any app or game

ACMarket App Features:


ACMarket offers thousands of 3rd-party apps and games, emulator apps, screen recorders, and more. As well as all that cool content, you get these features too:

  • User-friendly – all the apps and games have been placed into categories, such as Trending Apps, Top Apps, Latest Apps, Themes, Unofficial Apps, and more, making it easy for you to find what you want
  • No Geo-Restrictions – any app can be used by any user regardless of where they are and what restrictions the official store has in place
  • Simple Layout – easy to navigate and find what you want
  • No Ads – no irritating ads like you get in most free apps, and you don’t have to complete surveys to get your downloads
  • Free – ACMarket is free to download and use. No hidden fees, no charges for the downloads
  • Up to Date – the latest content is quickly added to the store
  • Fast – high-speed downloads give you a great user experience
  • Secure – Regularly updated to keep it safe, enhance the security, fix bugs, and more. Every app is put through a virus-scanner, checked for exploits before it is allowed in the store, and failed apps are refused. Plus, a high-security level has been built into the app store to keep you, your device, and your data safe.

Can I Use ACMarket on Any Other Device?

No, because it is an Android-only app store and will not work on other mobile operating systems. However, iOS users do have plenty of choices in other alternative app stores.


Can I Use it on My Desktop?

Absolutely. Although ACMarket does not natively support Mac or Windows operating, there is a workaround by which you can install it on your desktop. Simply install a free Android emulator – Nox Player and Bluestacks are two of the best – and then install the ACMarket APK file using the emulator. Once installed, you can enjoy all that ACMarket offers combined with the benefits using your desktop computer offers.

Will My Warranty Be Affected?


Yes, and no, respectively. ACMarket is completely safe to do. The developers ensure it stays that way with regular updates – you need to install these to ensure your safety. Because you do not need to root your device, you are not compromising the security of leaving your device open to any threats. As for your warranty, because the app installs in the same way as any standard app store app, your warranty cannot be voided.

Try ACMarket on your device today and unlock a new way of downloading your apps, games, and lots of other cool content. It’s all for free, no rooting is required, and it’s perfectly safe. Millions of people in the world overuse it, so join them and enjoy all ACMarket has to offer.

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