The Google Workspace For Education Rebrand May Decrease Your Storage?

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This week’s newly announced rebranding of G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education will decrease overall storage capacity for some institutions. That’s based on a recent tweet from at least one Twitter user under the handle “@floydiandroid” citing Google support documentation.

The new policy sets a baseline for storage pooled across all registered users within a customer group or domain. That means that the storage allocation from Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, among others, is shared. So everything saved by every user counts against the baseline.

As for the amount of storage that’s included, that’s also shared across every tier of Google Workspace for Education. Regardless of whether users are on Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, Workspace for Education Standard, Education Plus, or the Education Teaching and Learning Upgrade.


When will some institutions see a Google Workspace for Education storage dip and how much storage is provided?

Prior to this announcement, at least some users were able to access unlimited storage. And, for some institutions, that’s going to remain the case. Specifically, for institutions with greater than 20,000 students, faculty, and staff. Or for those with 20,000 active users that follow our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. Those institutions will be provided with additional storage, with the process for taking advantage of that rolling out by the end of the year.

For everybody else, the storage pool is set at 100TB, as of July 2022. For any customers that sign up for Google Workspace for Education in 2022, the policy will already be in place.

Now, Google does indicate that is quite a lot of cloud storage from one of the best providers. That’s over 100 million documents, 8 million presentations, or 400,000 hours of video, it says. And the storage, while shared in terms of capacity, is not shared in terms of access. So a significant portion of the G Suite for Education user base should be more than covered with enough to meet their needs.


Can you buy more storage?

For those organizations that need even more storage, a paid package will be required above Google Workspace for Education Standard. That package, by the way, starts out at $3 per student. Google indicates that’s a per-year cost.

The Google Workspace for Education Teaching and Learning Upgrade, conversely, bumps the cost up to $4 per license per month. That’s the most expensive option but it also allocates an additional 100GB per license.

Conversely, Google Workspace for Education Plus costs just $5 per student per year. And that bumps the storage to 20GB more per license in addition to the 100TB allocation.