Google TV Partners Will Reference These Remotes For Their Products

Google TV remotes reference designs IRL from Android TV Guide Twitter

Partners on Google TV televisions and set-top boxes will have a new set of designs to model from when it comes to their remotes. The new designs, dubbed the G10 and G20, were published online by Twitter’s Android TV Guide — as reported by 9to5Google. And each should look familiar to those who have used Google’s newest Chromecast gadget.

In terms of purpose, as noted above, these are reference designs. In effect, that means that they’re designs that Google believes partners should follow to build their own products. Specifically, that pertains to Google TV-powered devices from televisions to set-top boxes.

What are these remotes for and will Google TV partners use them?

Now, Google has reportedly said that the designs will be a ‘requirement’ for OEMs for 2021. But that doesn’t necessarily mean manufacturers will get on board. Or, at the very least, they aren’t necessarily spot-on in terms of what users will see with those gadgets. But they should bear a lot of similarities.


While each is different from the original remote for the new Chromecast, they also bear a lot of resemblance to that too. Both have a circular multi-directional navigation key. Above that, the company placed a bookmark, settings, and Google assistant key. And just below that, there are home, back, and a TV button.  Further down the remote, Google places the volume and channel buttons, with a mute button set centered between them.

At the bottom, there are further buttons geared toward specific services. But that’s where the remotes stop being quite so similar.

The shorter G10 remote has YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max buttons, just for starters. The G20 utilizes the first two of those but also features two blank buttons. Presumably, those would be programmable. The larger remote also features a number pad and color-coded shortcut buttons.


Who will use these references?

According to Android TV Guide, these remotes aren’t just pretty pictures either. In fact, they both already work to a certain extent. And that seems to suggest that the design is much further along than just a physical frame or aesthetic. In terms of which companies will make use of the remotes, there are already several partners lined up.

Sony and TCL each have their own TVs in the works that will ship with Google TV onboard. Sony’s goes a bit further, of course, ensuring that it’s PlayStation 5-ready. But either could, or at least should, use a design similar to these references for the remote.

Set-top boxes are also already in the works, Askey, SEI Robotics, Skyworth, and SDMC will reportedly be using a similar design for their own gadgets. Each of which will be intended to add Google TV to a more standard TV or smart TV.

02 Google TV remotes reference designs IRL from Android TV Guide Twitter
02 Google TV remotes reference designs IRL from Android TV Guide Twitter