Google TV Will Come With A Basic Mode That Removes Smart Features

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 2

Google TV is Google’s upcoming platform for television sets, and as smart as it will be, it’ll also reportedly feature a dumbed down basic mode that removes all of the key smart features.

This approach to giving Google TV a basic mode suggests that Google wants users to have a choice to set up the TV to be smart. That way user who would prefer to forego this type of technology can do so.

Once users power on their new TV for the first time, they’ll be prompted to set things up in the standard mode labeled simply as Google TV, or in the basic mode labeled as Basic TV. Right from the start users will need to opt into the mode with more basic features.


But should they ever want to change to Google TV and get those smart features, it’s possible to do so. Meaning you won’t have to stick with your choice forever regardless of what mode you initially pick. This should provide some peace of mind that users are free to check out both modes.

Google TV basic mode will only show you live TV and external devices

When Google says basic, it really means basic. Setting things up as Basic TV will show the user live TV channels and any external devices hooked up through things like HDMI inputs.

There will be no Google Assistant, no Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, and no Play Store access to get your hands on other applications. Personalized recommendations will be out too. While things will be entirely stripped away, no doubt some users will want this.


It’s increasingly hard to find a TV that isn’t a smart TV these days. But a TV is also a big purchase, and you may not want to lock yourself out of a potential smart TV by buying one that has none of that capability. This way you can go back and forth at your leisure if you want to, and without buying an external device like a Chromecast with Google TV or Fire TV Stick.

Google TVs with the Basic TV option are thought to be releasing sometime later this year. Including models from both Sony and TCL. Though it is worth mentioning that this is just a belief at this point. As no actual dates of release seem to have been confirmed yet. Sony for its part though, is planning to release more details on these TVs in the Spring. So perhaps consumers will see these TVs sometime in the middle of the year.