Google Pixel Saves A Man Thanks To Car Crash Detection Feature

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9to5Google has reported that a Google Pixel saves a man from being trapped in an overturned vehicle. Google Pixel phones are generally always focused on great software, and not just good hardware. It is this software that helped save a man’s life.

One software feature on Pixel phones is Car Crash Detection. It is thanks to this feature that a man’s life was saved from being trapped for hours in an overturned vehicle. Reddit user u/postnospam, whose real name is Chuck Walker, recounted his experience.

Although the Car Crash Detection feature saved his life, he wasn’t in an actual car accident. Instead, Walker was in an accident involving a Bobcat loader. Back in November the machine rolled off of a ledge and landed in a small ravine.


The loader landed in the ravine upside down leaving Walker trapped and injured inside of the machine. Both the emergency and main exits were blocked, and Walker suffered seven broken ribs and four thoracic vertebrae.

Google Pixel saves a man from a terrifying accident

Thankfully his Pixel 4 XL used the Car Crash Detection feature to save Walker. The phone was thrown from the Bobcat, but the phone still was still able to activate the Car Crash Detection feature. Walker was unconscious from the accident. As a result, the phone contacted 911.

Once Walker came to he began yelling for help. Through his Bluetooth, he heard an emergency dispatcher who was connected. Speaking to him the dispatcher let him know rescue services were on their way to his location.

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This story has a happy ending, but it could have been much worse if not for the Car Crash Detection feature. Walker could have been trapped and waiting for hours rather than minutes had the feature not been activated.

The accident happened deep in his private property, and nobody was expecting to see him for hours. Walker is a former paramedic, so he knows that had he not been rescued quickly like he was then he could’ve suffered hypothermia.

Turning on this feature on your Pixel phone is easy. First, find the “Safety” app. In the app’s settings, you will see the option for “Car Crash Detection”. By default it is disabled, but make sure to turn it on to stay safe.



This software feature is not available on the Pixel 3, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 4a 5G. Originally it was only available for the Pixel 4. Although the Car Crash Detection and Safety App require several permissions, like location and microphone, it is a no-brainer to still activate the feature.

Many users are conscious of privacy on their smartphone tech, but as Walker said the “reward outweighed the downside.”