Google Pixel 6 To Feature A New Camera Sensor, Finally

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Google has been using the same main camera sensor on its Pixel smartphones for years. That may change this year, though. The Google Pixel 6 is tipped to feature a new camera sensor.

This information comes from TheGalox, a tipster. He shared the information via Twitter, simply saying that Google will use a new camera sensor on its upcoming flagship. The Pixel 6 is the company’s upcoming flagship (series), so… there you go.

Google has been using the same camera sensor for year, but that will change with the Pixel 6

The only question is, what sensor will it be? Well, you never know with Google. The Google Pixel 5 is using the Sony IMX363 camera sensor, that very same camera has been around since the Pixel 2 series. That means that Google has been using it since 2017.


That being said, Google’s photo processing is where the magic lies, which is why that camera is still more than competitive. The Google Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and 5 have the same main camera, and they all can shoot great images.

Still, that camera sensor is showing signs of aging when compared to much newer, and better sensors. It’s great news that Google is planning to upgrade, but we still don’t know what sensor.

The company may reach for the Sony IMX800 or IMX555

You can only imagine what will the company be able to do with a much better sensor. Some rumors are suggesting that Google will use the yet-unannounced Sony IMX800 sensor. That sensor is rumored to become the world’s first 1-inch mobile camera sensor.


It will probably be quite great, but it remains to be seen whether it will suit Google. Also, considering it hasn’t been announced yet, the chances of Google using it are pretty slim. The company needs time to optimize a camera sensor to its smartphones.

Google may reach for the Sony IMX555, the same sensor the Galaxy S20 is using as its main camera. That sensor would actually fit Google, as it has large pixels, 1.8um pixel size. The Sony IMX363, in comparison, comes with a 1.55um pixel size.

That is actually the main reason Google has opted for the IMX363 back in the day. Such specifications allow Google to mess around with images in post-processing, to considerably improve them. There are other aspects in play, of course, but this is one of the main ones.