The New Video Features In Google Photos Are Bound To Be Popular

Google Photos AH NS 01

Google Photos is adding some new video features that are sure to impress and become a popular staple within the app.

Google, for better or worse, has made more than a few changes to the Photos app over the years, but features like these ones for video have never been the highlight. That seems to be changing.

Spotted on Reddit, it seems that Google may already be testing these features with some users. Given the nature of the discovery, it’s unclear if this is something which has been rolled out to everyone at this point. It is likely however to eventually end up in the hands of all users if it hasn’t already.


When checked on personal phones, the new video features do appear to be available.

New Google Photos video features includes pinch to zoom

Whether you wanted or not, pinch to zoom in videos is here. All you have to do is launch a video in Google Photos and if the feature is live, you can pinch to zoom in on a specific spot just like you can with an image.

This will be super useful to anyone who may not have used the zoom feature during the video recording. Or for videos that weren’t recorded using the phone’s camera, but downloaded instead. Where users wouldn’t have had the choice to zoom in or not.


It’s also possible to double tap on a video during playback and the video will then fill the screen up. And naturally double tapping again will exit the full screen view of the video. This appears to work with any videos that can be accessed within Google Photos.

You shouldn’t have to update your app

Oftentimes with new app features, you’re required to update the app to a certain version. That isn’t the case this time around. Or at least it seems like an update isn’t required. on the user’s part.

The feature is likely already baked into the app and users will simply need to wait for Google to enable it through a server side push on its end.


That does mean that, if the feature isn’t live for you, there is nothing really in your control that could force the feature to show up. Whereas with a feature that needed an app update, you could simply update the app. It doesn’t seem like this is limited to Pixel phones. But it’s worth keeping in mind that all users may not have it yet.