Google Meet Receives A New Security Feature

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Thanks to COVID-19, apparently the world has shifted over to video calling. The usage of video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. has grown exponentially. Notably, Google is adding a new security feature for its Google Meet video calling app.

Video calling exposes a user over to the internet, and it is crucial that the traffic is sent over a trusted network. With the latest security feature, Google has changed how Google Meet manages network traffic.

As per a report by Techradar, the new Google Meet security feature will enable administrators to configure their firewall. This would allow only authorized traffic but block the untrusted networks.


Not only this, but the new update for Google Meet also brings the same protections for non-Google Workspace users as Workspace users. Back in 2019, Google released a list of fixed IP addresses.

These fixed IP addresses for Google Meet in Workspace domains would let the administrators identify video conference traffic more easily.

Now, this feature is available for non-Google Workspace users. This includes individual users joining calls with their personal Google accounts or anonymously.


New IP ranges mean Google Meet will cease to use its old IP addresses on March 1, 2021

According to the official Google Workspace Updates blog, “It will help non-Google Workspace domains and organizations with users who aren’t signed into Google Accounts to identify video conference traffic.

However, introducing new IP ranges means old Google Meet IP addresses will be ceased by Google. Notably, all the old IP addresses will get expired on March 1, 2021.

The important thing to note is that this may impact the previously employed network optimization protocols using old IP addresses. So, it is advised to add all the new IP addresses to their current firewall and network configuration.


Moreover, in order to designate specific network rules to non-Google Workspace Meet traffic, admins should update their firewalls with the new IP addresses.

Additionally, they should also update their firewalls to be able to get the new Google Meet IP addresses. Google Workspace admins can find more information here.

Well, that’s about it for the new security feature. It is an important security feature, especially for an app that connects people over video calls.


The new IP addresses for Google Meet Workspace admins have already been deployed, and there will be no impact for end-users. Google has been trying to add new functionalities along with security features to improve the over usage of Google Meet, which has become a decent alternative to Zoom.