Google Is Rolling Out 6 New Features For Everyone – No Android 12 Required!

Android Auto Play Game 1

Google has just announced six new features for all Android users out there. And it does not require Android 12 to be installed on your phone, which makes this pretty sweet.

Here are the new features that are rolling out: dark mode for Google Maps, new Password Checkup Tool, message scheduling in Google Messages, new Google Assistant commands that work when your phone is still locked, a new version of Talkback, and finally more Android Auto customizations.

So these are actually more like Google App updates and new app features than Android features, but still pretty neat to have all of this rolling out today. As usual with staged rollouts though, it might take a while before the updates hit your phone.


Custom wallpapers coming to Android Auto

One of the new features that is rolling out, is custom wallpapers. So you can now get rid of the boring dark colored background on Android Auto – this mostly only applies on the “home” screen, which you likely don’t see all that much.

But Google is also bringing over some other cool goodies. Like some voice-activated games like Jeopardy! and Trivia Crack. To keep you and your passengers entertained in the car. Though, the passengers should be the ones playing these games and not the driver.

Google is also enabling some home screen shortcuts for different things. This includes contacts and simple tasks that the Google Assistant can do. Like turning off the lights at home, or changing the thermostat, checking the weather, etc.


Finally, Android Auto is also getting a new split-screen view when your car has a wider display. There is also a new privacy screen for when you have others in the car with you. That should keep everyone from being able to read your messages once they come in.