Google Will Give You More Insight Into Your Search Results

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In an official blog announcement, Google has added a new menu item, which will provide more insight and information into your search results.

Normally, when you search for any information on Google, you are provided with results that you are familiar with. These results majorly include big retailer websites, national news sites, and more.

However, there are plenty of other websites that have a ton of great information and services available. But you do not come across them. It requires some extra effort on your part to do additional research.


Good thing with the newly added menu item is you will be presented with extra information about the website that you are about to visit, even before you click on the actual link.

In this way, without opening the actual link, you will get a ton of information about what the website actually contains. This will later help you decide whether you should visit that website or look for another one.

The new menu item will be available on every website card. Along with giving you extra information about the Google search results, it will also show you where the information is coming from.

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A new hamburger-style menu icon will pop up a new info panel with additional information about the site

Moreover, using this feature is very easy. Once you do a search on the Google app, a hamburger-style menu will appear next to the website card. Tapping on this will pop open a new info panel.

This panel will comprises additional information about the site. The information that you will be presented with includes a short description of what the site is actually about and some data to show whether or not visiting the site is safe.

The point to note is that the short description of the website that will be displayed by the new menu item will be taken from Wikipedia, if available.


For the websites that do not have any Wikipedia information available, the menu item will show you when it first indexed the site and other data about the website if it is available.

Additionally, the new pop-up panel will show a full link or a short line whether the website is a native search result, or it is an ad. Besides, at the bottom of the panel, it will show you a couple of buttons for privacy settings and how search works.

Google is rolling out this new search result feature today in English in the US. It will be available across all platforms including mobile web, desktop, and the Google App on Android.