Google Hints First Android 12 Developer Preview Could Be Coming Soon

android 12 feedback app

While Android 11 is yet to arrive on several Android phones, Google could soon open doors for Android 12. As per 9To5Google, Google’s Android Beta Feedback app is recently updated for Android 12.

Though Android 11 did not bring many aesthetic changes to the table, it surely packs a bunch of minor tweaks and treatment to already available features. Making them more competent and useful for the user.

Notably, Google released the first Android Developer Preview of Android 11 back on February 19, 2020. Later, after being tested for months as 4 Developer Previews and 3 Betas, the stable version of Android 11 came out on September 8th.


The adaption rate of Android 11 is also slow as compared to Android 10. Samsung is going on in full swing and considering its huge portfolio, the OEM has done a great job and has served Android 11 to several devices in different regions.

But other OEMs, like OnePlus, which was known for fast and speedy updates, have failed to deliver Android 11 stable updates for OnePlus 7 and 7T series devices. Other OEMs are also lagging behind pushing Android 11 updates.

Cut to now, with the new update to the Android Beta Feedback app, Google is hinting that the Android 12 Developer Preview launch is imminent.

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Google Android Beta Feedback app was first released starting with Android 10 in 2019

The Android Beta Feedback app was first launched by Google, back in 2019 with the Android 10 OS. The idea behind launching this app was to allow users to report feedback to Google.

This feedback could be related to issues, bugs, problems, etc. that users are experiencing with the particular firmware’s beta version. Besides, this negated the need to head over to the bug tracker site to submit feedback.

FYI, Google recommends uninstalling this Android Beta Feedback app once the Developer Preview period ends. Those who forgot to uninstall the app, are now receiving a new update on Thursday, i.e. February 4.


It bumped the version of the app from 2.11 to version 2.15-betterbug.external_20201211_RC02. Even after the update, the app is still unusable and does not hint at anything about Android 12 in particular.

That said, it’s a clear sign Google will launch Android 12 sooner than expected. Most likely a month earlier. After the update is installed on your phone, a message pops up saying;

Thank you for participating in the Android Beta Program. The program has concluded and at this time we are no longer accepting feedback via the app.


There might be some changes introduced to the feedback app, in order to improve the feedback process. But those are not functioning at the moment as the tracker is not live yet.