Google Camera 8 Introduces Quick Access To Zoom Slider

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Reportedly, Google is rolling out a new update for the Google Camera application for Pixel phones. As per the official changelog, one of the features of this Google Camera 8/8.1 is quick access to the zoom slider.

Google Pixel devices are always regarded as some of the best camera phones. All thanks to the in-built image processing capabilities of Google.

Now, with the latest Google Camera update, users will be able to have access to the zoom slider out of the preset increments. Notably, right about the camera shutter button, there are three pills with .6x (available on Pixel 4a 5G/5 only), 1x, and 2x increments.


These three pill-like button makes it easy for the user to zoom in or out without the need to pinch to zoom. Pinch to zoom requires users to hold the phone on one hand, and while using the other hand to make the gesture.

However, there is another alternative to that, which is making use of the volume rockers. Good thing is that with Google Camera 8 and 8.1, Google is adding another way of zooming.

According to a report by 9to5Google, pressing and holding the .6/1/2x pill button opens a full zoom slider. Thanks to the slider, you can zoom in to precise increments.


Zoom slider stays on the screen for a few seconds for convenience

The advantage of this new way of zooming is that the zoom slider stays visible on the screen for a few seconds. This negates the need to keep pressing the button or the screen for accessing the zooming slider.

In fact, the initial drag till 2x zoom is much slower compared to the following zoom options. Once you go past 2x zoom, the slider lands on any increment you stop on. Zooming out is more smooth and can be quickly done.

With this new Google Camera 8.0 version out, Google has removed the option to double-tap to zoom in or out on Pixel 4a and 5. FYI, this was a previous method to bring up the zoom slider. But it remains an option on older Pixel devices.


Not many of the Google Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5 owners are aware of this feature. Because most of the Pixel owners don’t stress the need to press down the zoom pill buttons.

While some may find this an unnecessary addition to the Google Camera app, some may find it useful. The latest version of the Google Camera app is available to download. You can grab it from the Play Store by clicking here. Note that this works on Pixel phones running Android 11 only.