How To Get Rid Of Spotify Ads On The Free Version

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Spotify for free users offers over thirty minutes of ad-free listening experience every once in a while, if you watch a video advertisement. But, despite the offer, there have been instances where you are interrupted by an ad within fifteen minutes, which makes it irritating.

If you are tired of listening to frequent advertisements, which completely ruins the experience, and you want to get rid of ads without getting your Spotify account into any unwanted trouble as we all know Spotify’s terms and conditions states in the User Guidelines section that circumventing or blocking advertisements in the Spotify Service is not permitted.

Don’t worry because here we have got you covered with some interesting tricks that work really well on Android phone and tablet devices to avoid ads.


Method 1: Auto Mute Ads

This method is the safest as it involves a third-party Android app SpotMute that automatically mutes your media volume whenever Spotify plays an ad, and the app detects this with the help of media notifications sent out by Spotify’s built-in Device Broadcast Status feature. Once the ad is over, the app will unmute so you can continue enjoying your music.

Did you like the idea? Here’s how to get all of this set up on your Android device:

1. Launch Play Store on your device, search SpotMute and download it. Or you can use this link to go directly to the app’s page.

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Method1 step1

2. Open the Spotify app and tap on the Settings cog icon located at the top-right corner.

Method1 step2


3. Scroll down until you find Device Broadcast Status and enable the toggle switch right next to it.

Method1 step3

4. Close Spotify and launch SpotMute. Here you will see a large toggle switch, tap to enable it and you will receive a popup notification asking you to enable Device Broadcast Status, but as we have already enabled it so simply tap on the “I have enabled it” option.


Make sure to keep this app running in the background so it continues to mute Spotify ads. Remember, ads that appear after the fresh startup as well as ads appearing after you skip a song cannot be muted by this app. This means this app has a success rate of about 90%.

If for any reason SpotMute doesn’t work for you then you can try Mutify as well. This is available on the Play Store and offers similar features.

Method 2: Block Ads using Web Browser

This method is a bit aggressive than the previous one as it involves Spotify Web Player and attempts to remove ads using adblocker.


First, we know the easiest option would have been to use the Brave Browser for Android since it comes with a native ad-blocker. However, if you have ever attempted to do something similar then you must have been stuck in a scenario where Spotify Web Player disables the playback and renders the browser incompatible because of the existence of an ad-blocking function.

We have attached a screenshot for the curious ones.

However, there is a working solution for you that depends on Mozilla Firefox, uBlock Origin adblocker, and a bit of a browser configuration. Brace yourself as things are going to get a bit technical from this point forward.


1. On your Android device, launch Play Store, search Firefox for Android Beta and install it.


2. Launch Firefox Beta, tap on the menu button located at the bottom-right corner, and tap Add-ons.


Method2 step2

3. You should be able to find uBlock Origin in the recommended add-ons list, simply tap plus icon to add it. A permission box will appear, tap on the Add button.

4. In the Firefox address bar, type “about:config” and hit enter. A page, similar to the one shown in the screenshot, will appear. Here you can see a plus button and a search bar.

Method2 step4

5. In the search bar, type (or copy/paste) “media.eme.require-app-approval” and use the toggle button to switch to false.

Method2 step5

6. Use the plus icon to create a new entry for the user agent. Tap on Boolean and select String. In the name box, type “general.useragent.override”. In the String box, copy/paste the following user agent string (you can find and use other Android Mobile user agent too): Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SM-G892A Build/NRD90M; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/60.0.3112.107 Mobile Safari/537.36

7. Once done, tap Create.

8. Go to Spotify Web Player at open.spotify.com, tap on login, enter your Spotify account credentials, and tap login to continue.

9. You can now use Spotify ad-free and continue playing even when the screen is off.

The good thing is that Firefox Beta allows you to control music from the lock screen too. In case you experience issues while opening Spotify web player or if it is not working then there are a few workarounds you can follow to fix the problem.

Method2 step10

Method 3: Get Spotify Modded Version

If the above two methods aren’t working as you were expecting then you can opt for the modded version of Spotify which offers you some of the premium features for free like unlimited song skips, an ad-free music listening experience, and the ability to select any music from any playlist.

Method3 spotifyandroid

In case you are worried about getting your account banned or any legal issues because of the mod version then we will recommend you to create a new Spotify account, use VPN for an added layer of privacy, and test run this method until you are satisfied.

Method 4: Consider Paying for the Service

This is by far the best and simplest method to permanently get rid of Spotify ads while staying within the legal bounds. And you will get to enjoy all the premium features including the ability to download music for offline listening, remove advertisements, play any song you want, and unlimited skips.

Method4 spotifypremium

If you have never tried Spotify Premium before then you will get to enjoy it free for a month before paying anything. The premium starts at $9.99 for a month. But if you are a student then you can get the same for a monthly price of $4.99.


Out of the four methods, let us know in the comments below how many methods did you try and which one worked the best for you to get rid of the Spotify advertisements on Android. If you ask us, method 2 usually works perfectly as long as we don’t find any need to skip multiple songs within an hour.