Gaming Blockers For Android Users

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For several decades now, gambling has been a huge business for thousands of operators around the world. Today, gambling is dedicated to almost every sport you can think of, thereby creating more gambling markets for casinos and sportsbooks. It’s true that the tenets of gambling seek to promote fun, responsible, and controlled spending of one’s money and leisure time.

However, our authors noticed that such true tenets have been tainted with unhealthy, irresponsible, and harmful gambling habits among some players. Problem gambling has become a menace facing the gambling industry globally; thankfully, many nations are combating it head on. The United Kingdom is one such proactive gambling territory spearheading the fight against problem gambling.

Free Blockers

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There are more internet-based gamblers who bank on the convenience offered by the internet to gamble. Unfortunately, some have been addicted or suffer one gambling-related problem or the other. Thus, efforts to help such gamblers have been strategically crafted around general and gambling-only blocking software.

The gambling-only blocking software is reputed to be more effective, with some requiring paid access, while some others are free. All you need to do is subscribe to the free blockers and provide your details as required. Some free blockers include:


GamStop is a gambling-targeted program run by the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a non-profit institution determined to stop problem gambling. It’s not required for non GamStop CasinoGap operators yet but many casinos and betting sites have integrated it already. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission through the power of Parliament, made it compulsory for all operators to include GamStop on their platforms. If you have issues with gambling, or you know someone who has, GamStop is available for free.


You can download the app on any device including Android and self-exclude yourself from gambling. The blocking service runs for 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years, so you have to opt for one. GamStop scope of service includes practical controls, debt support, emotional support, and gambling support. In case you’ve registered there by mistake, you can also check NonStopCasino list that provides online casinos without GamStop exclusion.


BetBlocker is a charitable program founded in 2017 by ThePOGG, an Alternative Dispute Resolution entity that hitherto handled gambling-related disputes. BetBlocker is free on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, as well as iOS and android mobile systems. If you have any gambling-related issue, BetBlocker helps detach you from as many gambling sites as you request.

This is because the program currently has access to block over 13,613 gambling sites on the web. The software can be used alongside other gambling-focused programs as well. BetBlocker is strict with its Gambling Self-Restriction options, and doesn’t lift the restriction until the activated period lapses.


Bank Transaction Blocking

Innovations in banking take place on a whole scale of new possibilities allowing for novel developments. In the UK, some banks are poised to assist the fight against problem gambling. This is done by restricting the use of your debit or credit cards from funding gambling-related bills.
Currently on the list are Lloyd Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Starling Bank, Barclays, Santander, RBS/Natwest, Cashplus, and First Direct. So, if you bank with any of them, you can authorize blocking transactions related to gambling on the web.

Paid Blockers

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Conversely, some blocking software require a registration fee, or termly subscription to serve gamblers exceedingly well. Paid blockers mostly stem from the presumption that paying for a service could trigger the zeal to follow it up. Regardless of the amount paid, the goal remains to be free from problem gambling.


Some paid blockers include:


GamBan is a self-exclusion platform that allows gamblers to deactivate their access to gambling tools online. Specifically, problem gamblers and those who care for them can opt for GamBan to protect vulnerable players. Since its founding in 2015, GamBan has been evolving to meet the growing challenges of offering paid blocking software service.

If you register on GamBan, a free trial is offered for 7 days, which you can grab to test the waters. You can thereafter opt for the subscription model based on your duration of choice. It is worthy of note that GamBan is free across Gamcare networks in the UK.


Thus, you or a friend/relative grappling with problem gambling can access GamBan for free via the Gamcare network once you’re in the UK. It’s available for installation on all devices.


BetFilter is another paid blocking software that blocks mostly European betting sites on their database. Like others, it provides options on available durations and subscriptions which every applicant can choose from. Once it starts working, BetFilter blocks access to all gambling-related content on the web for adults and parents for underage gamblers.

BetFilter is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and android devices. The software does not restrict keywords related to gambling, but is very difficult to deactivate, once it starts running.



NetNanny is a family-wide blocking service for gambling, adult content, and other inappropriate content for your family and kids. The NetNanny software uses artificial intelligence tools to filter, detect, and block contents that are harmful to you and your family. The subscription is annual for either 5 or 20 devices, helping you regulate what your family sees and uses online.

The service is especially useful for gambling-related problems since it uses different algorithms to locate and block gambling content. Available on all devices, it extends to social media platforms, banning everything inimical to your family’s avowed values.

What’s more NetNanny reports online searches, and notifies you when there’s a likely breach on your child/ward’s device.



GamBlock is a proven software that also blocks access to thousands of gambling sites and gambling-related content on the web. GamBlock uses up-to-date technology to include a wide array of gambling entities to its database, creating room for top security. The GamBlock subscription is available for individuals, small businesses, government departments/agencies, and corporates for durations ranging from 1 month up to 5 years.

In the same light, the software charges different amounts for devices such as Mac, Windows, android, or iOS. Once activated, removing the block is pretty hard, only terminating at the lapse of the subscription and a clear request thereafter.


Problem gambling takes a lot from the lives of both young and old people in our society. For this reason, it’s always satisfying to see that several profit-based and nonprofit entities within and outside the UK are fighting it hard.

As such, all the entities discussed here and more have been doing a great job at combating problem gambling. They have our highest regards and recommendations, should you know anyone battling or likely to battle problem gambling.