Galaxy Z Fold 3 Will Be Taking The Best Note Series Feature, Its Pen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 21

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be stealing the company’s Note Series’ best feature — its S Pen — according to new reports from Samsung’s home region. The news flies directly in the face of at least some rumors suggesting it wouldn’t be possible this generation. But backs up others that indicated it would be possible.

Why is an S Pen for Galaxy Z Fold 3 a big deal?

Now, as noted above, the S Pen is one of the distinguishing signature features of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The S Pen also found its way into Galaxy-branded Chromebooks, tablets, and even the latest S series flagships. Summarily, S Pen is an active, pressure-sensitive stylus with extra features enabled by gestures and an on-pen button.

The biggest obstacle to an S Pen on previous Galaxy Z Fold devices from Samsung is, of course, the screen.


With previous Galaxy Z Fold models, the display is simply too soft to withstand the pressure exerted by the pen. As a result, using such a stylus on those phones results in dings, scratches, and other damage. Underpinning that problem, display flexibility is just one part of the issue. The underlying digitizer also needs to be flexible. Which up until now hasn’t been possible.

With that technology now ready for prime-time, Samsung will reportedly move forward with its plans for an S Pen-enhanced Galaxy Fold Z 3. Production on the parts needed to make it possible will purportedly start in May and the project will be finalized in July. Just in time for the launch of Galaxy Z Fold 3, if the rumor is accurate.

This is bigger than just a technical challenge overcome

Another aspect of this apparent confirmation falls in line with previous rumors about another Samsung Staple. Namely, the Galaxy Note series. Samsung is reportedly looking to abandon the line-up in favor of the foldable phone-tablet hybrid Z Fold series.

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If the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 does ship with S Pen support and a pen in tow, the company would be well-positioned to push customers away from the Note series and towards foldable phones. And that’s an assertion backed by other recent reports hinting at other Galaxy Note series staples coming to the Fold line.