Galaxy S21 Features Trickle Down To Galaxy S20/Note 20 Series With Latest Update

One UI 3 1 Update Object eraser

Samsung has just announced that the One UI 3.1 update with select Galaxy S21 features, is making its way out to the previous generation Galaxy Smartphones.

These include the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip (4G and 5G models). The update has started rolling out tonight in select regions.

This is a great thing that Samsung has started in recent years, bringing features from its new smartphones to its older ones. So those with last year’s flagship phones don’t feel as compelled to upgrade to the latest and greatest from Samsung. Even though they still want you to upgrade to the Galaxy S21, of course.


What’s new with One UI 3.1?

With One UI 3.1, Samsung is bringing in a few features that were introduced with the Galaxy S21 last month. That includes Enhanced Single Take. This improves the Single Take feature and captures a variety of still photos and video formats at the same time. So you won’t miss a shot.

The update also brings in Object Eraser. With this feature, you can intelligently cut out unwanted parts of your photo without time consuming manual editing, or downloading another app to do the trick.

Multi-mic recording is coming too. Which allows you to simultaneously record audio through both your phone and a connected Bluetooth device.

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Finally, Eye Comfort Shield and Private Share are also coming in this update. Eye Comfort Shield is a new setting that will automatically adjust the blue light based on the time of day. While Private Share will make it easier to control who can access content that you share, and how long it’ll be available.

The update has started rolling out in some regions now. So you should see the update in the next few days (or weeks). Samsung has not specified which regions are getting the update first.