Galaxy Buds Live Update Adds New Enhancements, Menu & Auto-Switching

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live AM AH 1

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is getting a brand new update with features to enhance hearing and menus, in addition to one newer feature. That’s according to recent reports citing Redditor “u/apopheniac01,” who posted a changelog for the update.

The update itself is shipping at a size of around 2.2MB. That’s not too big but users will want to charge up before connecting their buds to get started. That’s once it arrives via OTA. And, of course, system improvements and bug fixes are part of this update too. Although not listed out in the changelog.

…But here’s what’s big about this Galaxy Buds Live update

In terms of headlining features, the biggest change is likely the addition of “Auto Switching.” And that does exactly as its branding implies. Namely, it allows Samsung Galaxy Buds Live — for those who have the latest Samsung Galaxy phone updates — to switch automatically. More directly, to switch automatically between Galaxy-branded smartphones and tablets.


That change will require One UI 3.1 or newer though. That update initially shipped with Samsung Galaxy S21 and has trickled to other devices. So users will need a newer Galaxy-branded phone or tablet to make use of it. But most users should already have it.

A much wider subset of users, conversely, will also now have access to a new control menu. That’s being added in the most convenient place too, directly in the Bluetooth menu; easily accessible from just about anywhere in the UI. The specifics of that menu have not been detailed but, in effect, the change adds some device-specific settings to the afore-mentioned UI.

And one more thing…

Finally, Samsung delivers hearing-related enhancements to Samsung Galaxy Buds Live with the update. That comes in the form of the changelog’s new “Hearing Aid” feature. And, summarily, that allows users to adjust the left- and right-side sound balance on the headphones. So users with uneven hearing will be able to tune the wearables for an even better experience.

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