FinchRing Brings Gesture Control To Your Smartphone & More

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Finch Technologies has announced a new product called FinchRing. This is a new smart ring from the company that got announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai.

Yes, the MWC 2021 in Shanghai is happening a lot earlier than the global one in Barcelona. As most of you know by now, the Barcelona one has been postponed for the summer.

FinchRing enables gesture control on a number of devices

Finch Technologies has announced this new product in partnership with Nreal. The company says that this is a first-of-a-kind smart wearable that brings “intuitive, hands-free gesture control for mixed reality on AR and MR handsets, and also laptops, tablets, and smartphones”.


How does it differentiate compared to other devices? Well, the company says that unlike other devices, that can only track gestures and hand movement in a limited, front-facing, field of vision, this ring brings something else to the table.

It brings limitless, fluid 360-degree and 3D movement with patented IMU technology. This tech ensures that the ring works regardless of whether you’re reaching behind you while throwing a virtual baseball, or moving virtual objects outside your field of view.

The company also emphasizes that this ring works inside, outside, and in any lighting or weather conditions. FinchRing actually does all this in combination with a traditional touchpad, force sensor, and haptic feedback.

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This ring is, of course, larger than your regular ring, or regular smart rings, as it offers much more in terms of features. On one side it has a touchpad, while the force sensor is placed on the other side.

It also offers haptic feedback

The ring also offers haptic feedback, by the way. There are many usage scenarios for this product, from on-demand smart home use, to navigating your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. AR gaming is also a possibility, as is VR gaming.

The device is 3 to 5mm thick, 13mm wide, and it weighs 18 grams. It has a 6-axis sensor, and its battery can last for up to 4 hours of active use. It recharges to 80-percent in 20 minutes.


The company did not say how much will this product cost, nor when will it become available, We do expect more information to follow soon, though.