Facebook Is Planning To Launch A Smartwatch Next Year

Facebook smartwatch concept

It seems like Facebook is planning to launch a smartwatch next year. This report comes from The Information share the news, as the company is looking to expand its hardware portfolio. Do note that the featured image is just a random concept.

As most of you know by now, Oculus headsets are owned by Facebook, and the same goes for Portal speakers. The company is now looking to introduce its wearable offering next year.

Facebook planning to launch a smartwatch, following its failed smartphone attempt

Facebook already dabbled in the smartphone market years ago. The company actually announced its very own smartphone in collaboration with HTC, but that device did not fare well in the market.

Facebook is looking to push again, though. This new smartwatch will offer standalone cellular connectivity, so you won’t need a phone to get messages through it. That makes sense, as Facebook will want you to have access to its services at all times.


This smartwatch will be integrated into the company’s social media network, of course. You will be able to send and receive messages, and it will allegedly add a social aspect to fitness features.

This smartwatch will allow users to track their workouts with friends, or be in touch with their trainer. That’s what it’s meant by the “social aspect” when it comes to fitness features.

Facebook also aims to allow this smartwatch to connect to the services or hardware of health and fitness companies, it is said. Companies such as Peloton Interactive.

Wear OS will probably come pre-installed on it

What software can you expect? Well, it seems like Wear OS will be included, but the build on this watch may be considerably different. Facebook will likely be heavily baked into it.


What’s interesting, is that the second-gen smartwatch model is also mentioned. That device is expected to follow in 2023. That’s rather odd, as it remains to be seen if the first-gen model will do any good for the company. All in all, Facebook means business, and is once again pushing towards making a hardware product.