Facebook Begins Work On A Clubhouse Equivalent

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Reportedly Facebook has begun working on a Clubhouse equivalent for its platform. As reported by Engadget, this would see Facebook create its own version of the invite-only audio chat app.

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately but not for bringing out new features and developments. The company will be glad to get some news out that concerns the platform rather than things going on around it.

For example, Facebook has faced a lot of questions over its pledge to reduce the amount of political content on the platform. The company has begun running tests to see the impact of limiting the visibility of political posts on users news feeds.


More recently, the company has also launched a host of new safety features to Messenger. These were designed to make it easier to delete and block unwanted messages as well as spam.

A clubhouse style app is probably not something that many would have said that Facebook needs. However, following Zuckerburg’s appearance on the app alongside other reports, there are suggestions that Facebook will invest in a similar service.

Facebook set to being work on Clubhouse equivalent

Reports suggest that lead developers at Facebook have begun creating the company’s own audio chat service. The rumours state that this project is in very early stages of development. As a result, we should not expect anything major to come out soon especially with such a large project.


Facebook has a track record of latching onto successful trends in the tech industry. This is likely another potent example of this and an opportunity they could not turn down.

Obvious examples of this are Instagram stories emerging as an almost carbon copy of Snapchat Stories. In more recent times we have also seen the rollout of Instagram Reels, a copy of TikTok, and its Messenger Rooms service which acted in response to the growth of Zoom during the pandemic.

As a result, of this track record, it is difficult to see Facebook doing much innovation with this project. What we will likely get is something very similar to the original. However, this may not be a bad thing if it works well.


In any case, the road to this being released is likely a long one so do not get excited just yet. We will have to keep our ears to the ground as this store unfolds further. We will keep you up to date with any developments.