ECG Support For Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active 2 Rolling Out In 31 Countries

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Samsung announced last month that the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 would pick up the blood pressure and ECG tracking features in 31 more countries starting in February. The two much sought-after features are now officially available in those markets.

The Samsung Health Monitor app, which makes blood pressure and ECG tracking possible on compatible Samsung smartwatches, is now available for download from the Galaxy Store in the promised 31 countries. Those include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, and the UK.

Users of the Galaxy Watch 3, as well as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in these regions, should soon receive a software update for their watch to enable the blood pressure and ECG tracking features. The update is an 86MB download over the air (OTA).


Note that you’d need to install the Health Monitor app on both your smartwatch and smartphone to use these features. You must also update your watch to the latest software version. The app should get installed automatically on the watch when its firmware is updated.

Blood pressure and ECG tracking features rolling out widely for Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active 2

The blood pressure and ECG tracking features on Samsung smartwatches were available to users in South Korea only at launch. The company has been working to bring the two health features to more countries. It picked up the CE-marking for its Health Monitor app in Europe in December last year. The CE-marking confirms that a product complies with the health and safety regulations of the European Union.

Additionally, Samsung also got the necessary approval in a few Asian countries. Now the company is rolling out the two features in the 31 countries where it has received the approvals.


Note that you’d need to calibrate your Galaxy Watch 3/ Watch Active 2 with an actual, medically-approved blood pressure monitor before you start monitoring blood pressure through your watch. You first have to measure your blood pressure with both the watch and the blood pressure monitor three times. After that, you have to put the values from the latter into the Health Monitor app. This would ensure that your watch is showing results with the highest possible accuracy. If you skip this process, your watch may show inaccurate and unreliable results.

Nonetheless, if you live in one of the above-mentioned 31 markets and own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch Active 2, be on the lookout for a new update that brings the blood pressure and ECG tracking features. You should get a notification once the update becomes available for your watch. You can also manually check for the update from the Galaxy Wearable app.