You May Be Able To Use Phone Hub On Your Chromebook Early

Phone Chromebook Samsung Xiaomi DG AH 2020

Google’s Phone Hub is nearly ready for Chromebook users across the board, and many users may be able to access it early. That’s based on a recent publication from How-To Geek. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available for Chromebooks here at Android Headlines yet. Mostly due to the fact that it relies on version 89 of Chrome. But for those who have the latest update ahead of schedule or who are on beta channels, the feature is available on any channel.

Summarily, that means that as long as users are willing to jump through some extra hoops and use experimental features, Phone Hub is ready.

How do you access Phone Hub for your Chromebook early?

Gaining access to Phone Hub on a Chromebook early is easy enough. Users need to start by navigating to “chrome://flags” and searching for “#enable-phone-hub.”


The first option should be the appropriate one, titled “Enable Phone Hub.”

Then, users will need to use the associated drop-down menu to select “Enabled” instead of the “Default” option. After restarting the Chromebook in question, the Phone Hub feature will appear in the “Connected Devices” menu of the Chrome OS Settings app. All that’s required is that the user connects their phone to their Chromebook.

But really, should you access this?

Now, bearing in mind how straightforward the process for getting Phone Hub is right now, it may still be best to wait for an official release.

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Experimental features found in the Chrome flags are experimental because they’re still buggy. And, since Chrome underpins the entire Chromebook ecosystem, that could prove disastrous for some users. Potentially requiring a full powerwash of the Chrome OS gadget in question. Or a full re-installation of Chrome OS, should that fail. That’s setting aside that it doesn’t appear in the Stable Channel just yet.

That’s not the biggest reason to wait though. In fact, the appearance of Phone Hub in all channels for Chromebooks indicates the feature will arrive much sooner than later. So it could arrive without experimental settings as soon as the next big update — with Chrome 89 in just a few days or Chrome 90 in April.