EA Doubles Down On Mobile Gaming And Buys Glu Mobile

Apex Legends

EA has announced that it will be purchasing Glu Mobile and will be taking over the company’s portfolio of hugely popular mobile titles.

When it comes to games, EA has more than its fair share of mega hits. As it’s the publisher behind titles like Apex Legends, Battlefield, and Madden. But it has less of a presence on mobile and it wants to expand on that. To that end it will be purchasing Glu Mobile for $2.1 Billion. The acquisition of Glu is a move to bolster EA’s strength in the ever-growing mobile gaming business.

While EA already has games on mobile devices, Glu is a company who’s entire being is rooted in the mobile gaming industry. Some of its more recent popular mobile titles include Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Diner Dash: Adventures. So it seems clear that EA wants a bigger piece of the mobile pie and buying up Glu Mobile was an easy way in. Though EA has listed numerous reasons for its decision to make the purchase.


EA and Glu Mobile will create a leading portfolio across key genres

EA is a publisher who makes games. Not just any one type of game, but many types. As part of expanding its own portfolio, acquiring Glu Mobile will allow it to work with the mobile studio to “create a leading portfolio across key genres” in the mobile gaming space.

This includes RPG games, sports games, lifestyle games, casual games, and mid-core games. So players should expect to see a much wider range of titles on Android and iOS from EA moving forward.

EA also plans to use Glu Mobile’s expertise in the industry to expand its portfolio of live service games.


Glu Mobile will operate independently of EA

Although EA is purchasing Glu Mobile, Glu will still operate independently of EA. Working on its own games as well as forging new paths with EA funding.

It also opens up the opportunity for Glu Mobile to create games using EA’s extensive collection of popular IPs. Essentially Glu Mobile now has a new wallet to reach into for funding. And EA in turn has a new revenue stream from all of the games Glu Mobile will now create under the EA umbrella.

EA expects the acquisition to be finalized around the middle of this year. Specifically on or around June 30. Pending investor approval which seems like it shouldn’t hit any snags.