Chromecast With Google TV Will Get Kids Profiles With Pin Protection

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Google launched Chromecast with Google TV last year. It is one of the best streamers available and is compatible with all Android TV. Now, reports suggest that Chromecast with Google TV will get Kids Profiles with PIN protection.

Though the newly launched Chromecast with Google TV comes with a lot of new upgrades, however, it missed out on the ability to add multiple users.

Not only this prevented users to have a customized profile for their personal use and for a separate one for others, but it also did not give an option to keep adult content away from their kids.


Since there is only a single profile, anyone having access to your Android TV could go through the adult content. Not only adult content, but kids could also open YouTube and spend hours watching content on it.

Fortunately, according to a new report by 9to5Google, Google will soon add a Kids Profiles to solve this problem. This isn’t a perfect solution to multi-user support.

But, it should be enough to at least address the complaints of several parents of their kids accessing any content on Google TV.


Google TV Kids Profiles can be restricted with PIN protection

Google TV Kids Profiles will be a safe space for kids to use the Android TV. One, they will be away from the adult content available across various streaming platforms.

Second, it would negate the need of the parents to have a continuous watch over their kids. Parents need to simply select the apps which they wish their kids to have access to.

This Kids Profiles can be set up while setting up Chromecast with Google TV. Moreover, kids will be locked behind PIN protection, preventing them from getting back to the rest of the interface.


Looking at the statement given by the company representative in a support thread, it seems like this new Google TV Kids Profiles is a replica feature of Android TV’s original restricted profiles.

We believe that this feature should have been included out of the box with Chromecast with Google TV. But as they say, better late than never.

As far as when this new feature rollout is concerned, the statement by the company representative suggests the update will roll out in the next month or so.


We expect Google to add multi-profile support to Google TV so that users can have different profiles for different members of the family. This would definitely make the Chromecast a much better streamer.

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