ASUS ZenFone Mini May Launch To Challenge The iPhone 12 Mini

ASUS new logo 2018 AM AH 1

According to a new report, ASUS may be planning to launch the ZenFone Mini handset. It is noted that this will be a compact smartphone, and that the ZenFone Mini will be its final name. That handset will also be high-end, apparently.

No specs were given, or anything of the sort, so at this point in time, we can only guess what to expect. It is for sure, however, that its display will be smaller than the ZenFone 7’s 6.67-inch panel. In fact, its display will probably be much smaller than that.

The ASUS ZenFone Mini may launch in 2021 to compete with the iPhone 12 Mini

This handset may compete directly with the Apple iPhone 12 Mini, or alternatively aim for the Pixel 5 size. It all depends on what display size ASUS opts for, as there are a lot of options for the company.


The Apple iPhone 12 Mini isn’t selling all that great, according to reports. Apple allegedly scaled back production of the device due to low sales numbers. Still, plenty of people are interested in the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5, and the iPhone 12 Mini sold in a number of copies.

There is definitely a market for “small” phones out there, the only question is, how small should companies go for. iPhone 12 Mini is praised by people who love smaller devices, but some people tend to opt towards slightly larger alternatives, such as the Pixel 4a or 5.

ASUS will have some competition when it comes to compact devices

The Pixel 4a and 5 are not exactly small, but they’re not large either, they’re compact. We’ll see what display size will ASUS aim for. ASUS won’t be the only company to release a compact smartphone in 2021.


Google will probably release the Pixel 5a this year, while Sony is planning for the Xperia Compact lineup’s return. So, those of you who don’t like large slabs are in luck, as we’ll have some options this year.

ASUS is aiming to turn things around when it comes to its handset business in 2021, reports Digitimes. The company is aiming to win over consumers, and increase its market share throughout the year.